Sidewalk Problem Solved

Sidewalk Problem Solved

POSTED: Friday, October 22, 2010 - 10:11am

UPDATED: Wednesday, December 15, 2010 - 12:44pm

EL PASO - The NewsChannel 9 Troubleshooters are getting results.

Last month we told you about a sidewalk near Tierra Del Sol Elementary School that was never completed. Parents were concerned because kids walk that path everyday to school, and we were told at least one person in a wheelchair had trouble getting through the area. After our story aired the city went out to finish the sidewalk. Case closed.

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I'm more concerned about the problem with bicyles riders using the sidewalks. Our City Gov. seems to believe that thats where they belong. They tried to legalize bikes on sidewalks but found that a state law prohibits it. So their solution is to just not enforce the law. I have been knocked down by bicycles on two different occasions. Exiting the Stanton Port of Entry and at San Antonio near Mesa. As well as being perm. disabled, I now have a missing tooth and a broken tail bone.

Back on March 20, 1993 I was on my way home from shooting on my Pool League at 1:58am. I knew the route between the bar and my apartment and could've probably ridden it with my eyes closed. I was riding my HUFFY 21-speed mountain bike on the sidewalk when a drunk Korean woman drove up on the sidewalk and hit me from behind. I suffered 2 broken legs, a shattered collar bone, concussion, multiple lascerations, a sprained neck and was even pronounced dead at the scene. Sidewalks aren't even safe.

I'm sure you wont be interested but here goes anyway. I am a phlebotomist, I have tried to apply at Thomason. However they require me to speak spanish. I spent a week walking around Thomason, talking to different employees there. Out of 72 people I spoke to, 33 did not speak English. Is this a double standard? When I had surgery there a few yrs. back, my doctor needed an interpreter. None of my nurses or MA's spoke English. And for your information, to become a citizen you must speak English.

Welcome to the United States of Mexico.

Unfortunatly my letter is not about a sidewalk problem. I sent the messege directly thru Troubleshooters. The sidewalk problem was below my statement not above it.

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