Roofing Investigation Turns Up Complaints


POSTED: Tuesday, March 9, 2010 - 7:30am

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 14, 2012 - 8:00pm

Alisa Rocha-Ayala says she paid $3000 to Hartley Roofing but no one ever showed up to repair her roof. Sales person Doug Ruder stayed in communication with her and said that Hartley roofing had skipped town with the money.

NewsChannel 9 uncovered documents showing that many people are in the same boat as Ayala. Lots of money has been paid to Hartley Roofing, and lots of people say they haven't seen any action and there's been no word from the company.

Hartley says Doug Ruder has taken the money and not handed over the contracts. NewsChannel 9 got a Forensic Document Examiner to compare Ruder's handwriting with the signatures on the back of the checks. The expert said that Doug did not endorse any of the checks. We've tried to get back in touch with Hartley Roofing, but at this time there's been no response.

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I am having the same problem with another contractor I need help with this problem. He started my roof a week ago and still not finished, signed contract a month ago.

Well we must have done something, because KTSM has cleaned up there Ad's with Estella TV. But I still question why they hooked up with them in the first place. Its all about money. They need more clients to help there bottom line. At least they cleaned it up a bit, but still advertise for them.

Like I said before, you cannot trust the BBB reports because they protect their members who pay dues to the BBB. As DV00716265 stated, do your homework. Check references, get things in writing, check the permit, get the city inspectors involved. Make sure the contractor is bonded & insured, that is the only way I was able to recover money, not by asking for help from the BBB. I no longer trust the BBB ratings for anything, because this roofer still has an A+ rating with them. Why do you think?

Believe me, if you see an inspecter on your roof them grab him by the back of his neck and ask him what he saw. Like...

1. Did they replace the roted decking?
2. 15lb felt or 30lb felt?
3. Did they replace the drip edge, prime and paint it.

Just some things to think about.

we all have a story to tell here is mine do not hire source 1 they are scam artists they promise they will do alot for you and at the end they back out. you trust reports like the bbb ratings and for what it is sad that this companies have good ratings and they are worst than someone who is not. we need better laws that will help with this situations. all i can say is do not give up do as much as possible to solve your problem i know i am even if it mean hiring a lawyer.

NIETO ROOFING, Norma Neito owener located on Nations St. in El Paso, Texas is also a big rip off. The "repaired" our roof back in Nov and Dec and the roof caved in. After several attempts to get them here the following day, the lady who ansered the phone told us to "call the cops if you don't like the work".
all my antiques broke. They eventually came by and "fixed it" but it is not the same. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM! I am still fighting my reimbursements.

i allways assume the city with their public inspectors where watching to make sure none of us got taken by any roofing company.
maybe we need to start firing inspectors since they are nowhere to enforce permits and fines. What a noble idea, then pay inspectors on a per quota basis, this will also help the city budget problems.


I to was taken for 4345 from Hartley Roofing I filed a police report to charge them with theft everyone who has had there money taken by them needs to contact Detective brooks so the District Attorney can charge all individuals involved with this. I gave my check to Perry Mueller who then had Doug Rudder contact me when they failed to show up. I have also hired an attorney for $1500 extra out of my pocket to sue Hartley Roofing its owners and Perry Mueller who have all filed bankruptcy already.

Do your homework, I'm a former contractor/roofer. Ask your neighbors, freinds, co-workiers ect. I was allways on the roof that I was replacing. Blood, swet, and tears. If your contractor can't be on the roof at rhe same time as his workers then do not hire him. And get it all in writing. The way it works is 1/3 materials. 1/3 labor and 1/3 profit. Also that profit is used for any extras. Don't hire Biker Roofing, and allways ask to see the permit. And if possible go up there with the inspector.

I'm glad that someone won a new roof. But I'm very unhappy how you advertised it. Half naked girls that the kids could see, and a roofer measuring a perfectly good roof. What were you thinking?

Now that the roof winner has been selected will you'll TV please stop those ridiculouse comercials with all the sexual content that children see while watcing you station? We all know that it was a deal with Estella tv. more and more you have been putting up spnish commercials with no sub-titles. They have there own channels, or do you need the money that bad?

Come on own up to it, I watch TV all the time because I'm disabled, but that dosent change the fact. Come on area you english or...?

Do not judge a book by its cover. Some people get taken, but who's fault is that. I roofed for 20 years and never had a complaint. Why? because there is a right way and a wrong way. Get it in wrighting. Thats not so hard. Do not use family or freinds just to save a buck. I roofed many houses for many prominent families.

They trusted me, why? because I am trustworthy and on the roof at the same time as my workers. How many times have you've seen that? Remember its up to you.

Let's face it, any roofing contractor can be a risk. Two years ago I went with a local contractor, bonded & insured, & a reputable member with the BBB. Well let me tell you, most of that doesn't mean anything, especially the BBB part. I submitted pictures and documentation, and the BBB still stood by the roofing contractor. Why, because they are paying members to the BBB so that they can stay on their good side. But the bonding company saw it my way. Now all I have to worry about it is damages.

we hear these type of stories everytime there's a hail storm.After all the warning signs on the media, the consumer still hires these transient storm chasing con artists.The true reputable roofer usually doesnt ask for a down payment until the work is ready to commence.I'm all for some type of liscensing to regulate these deceptive thieves and protect us local roofer's. Come on consumers, do your homework when purchasing a new roof!

Good job, but also remember there is so much info out there that YOU the consumer can determine what type of roofing you want.

$3,000.009 for a new roof.That is the first RED FLAG!

Bob T.
Far East Side with 4 new roofs since 2005 due to Hail Storms. Last one this past year on the 9-16-2009 Storm which also totaled my 2006 Dodge Dakota.

4 new roofs since 2005? Thank you, sir. You are the reason why insurance premiums are so damn high. Quit crying every time your roof takes some aesthetic damage.

i am a general contractor , and i will say the city tries to do the best they can but when thousands and i mean thousands of roofing permits are pulled how can they check them all , why do people use out of town contractors ? how are they going to get warranty work done if it is necessary !!!!! use your local contractors. fellow el pasoans be where of out of town companies

It`s kind of strange all the sudden I had seen lots of roofing companies all over El Paso,so is obvious is going to be alots of cases like that in all areas.

My questions are:

Who is looking out for the consumer in this town?
Who is not doing his or her job?
Why don´t they keep track about these people?
Who gave them the green light to operate in this town?

I mean, come on...

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