Roofing Headache


POSTED: Wednesday, September 14, 2011 - 3:44pm

UPDATED: Thursday, January 26, 2012 - 9:25pm

EL PASO - Last year, a hail storm damaged the roof on Marco Martinez's house. To get it repaired, he signed a contract with a company called Roof Check. Now, ten months later, Martinez says he living a nightmare.

"It's been a real headache. I don't advise anybody going through anything like that," he said.

Problem number one: Roof Check didn't do the work themselves, they hired a subcontractor. A representative of Roof Check says they have the right to do that, but the homeowner says he did not agree to that.

"He never told me that he was going to sub it out to somebody," Martinez said.

Which bring us to problem number 2: After the work was done, an inspector with the City of El Paso approved it, but Martinez says the work was substandard and he hired his own inspector to take a look. That inspector found problems like a hole where light shines through into the attic, shingles that are lifting and problems around the chimney. Martinez sent that report to the city which then did an about face and said the roof did not meet city codes. Now the homeowner feels he needs a complete new roof, but Roof Check's bond company, basically their insurance, refuses to accept the claim because the city did not conduct their own inspection.

"In the past, most bonding companies have accepted letters like that, but now the bonding companies got smart and they want the city to be present," Martinez said.

Which brings us to problem number 3: The city won't send an inspector back out because they say they've already notified the homeowner that the roof is not up to code and that should be good enough. Roof Check says they've tried to work with the homeowner to fix what he felt was wrong, and they also claim that three city inspectors approved the work. The city says yes, they initially approved a visual inspection, but that was before seeing the homeowner's inspection report. They also say there's not much more they can do.

Now, both Roof Check and Martinez are threatening to take each other to court.

"Sue me. I have enough evidence to protect myself that this roof is not done correctly," Martinez said.

A representative of Roof check turned down our request for an on-camera interview.

We'll continue to follow the story and let you know what happens.

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