Restrictions Limit Car Exports From U.S. to Mexico


POSTED: Thursday, October 7, 2010 - 3:09pm

UPDATED: Saturday, January 29, 2011 - 3:38pm

SANTA TERESA- Alberto Trillo ships cars to Mexico. He used to ship a lot. But new limits from Customs and Border Protection have cut his business by 75 percent.

"Since they began these rules, the economy has gotten worse. We've lost work and we want them to recognize that," Alberto told us.

CBP tightened exports earlier this year. One person gets one export per day with no exceptions. Originally, restrictions were much looser.

"We got into a situation, though, where it was kind of a first come first serve basis and people were lining up, they were parking overnight, there were fights breaking out, line jumping, things like that," says CBP Spokesman Roger Maier.

One car per day isn't enough to keep the Trillo's business afloat. Michelle is Alberto's daughter and doubles as his secretary.

"If we're not having income, we cannot pay the rent, the maintenance of the car carriers, and our employees. So we had to let go some of our employees," Michelle says.

She took us to see her Dad's shop. It's a parking lot emptier than it used to be.

Each one of Alberto's haulers holds ten cars a piece. He used to take four full ones into Mexico per week. Since the new restrictions have been put into place, that number's been reduced to one.

"We want to be able to work, to earn an honest living," Michelle says.

They might get to do just that. Troubleshooters told CBP about the Trillo's problem.

Maier invited the Trillo's to call him, which they plan to do.

Troubleshooters will follow up to see if Alberto's shipping problem is solved.

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This issue is also somewhat hurting the economy in the U.S.

definitely yes..

Why is it that the honest hard working people always have to pay for others mess!?!?!
PLEASE reconsider and show that there is faith!!
Like Mr President Obama says: YES, YOU CAN!!!!

People want to earn an honest living - please allow them to do so!

Mr Trillo and other like myself should be allowed to clear various shipments a day. Although Mr. T has POV he crosses them on a car hauler, i have heavy equipment with title and if a customer purchased from an auction 5 mobile cranes. when will I be able to cross if I receive them on a friday i will begin to cross them 8 days later and finish crossing them a total of 15 days, and the other customers?????

The ports several years had the capability to export 1000 cars a day, then it changed to 700, then to 500, and so on until we are at 125 a day.

Ever since the export supervisor's brother became the assistant port director in Santa Teresa, all the procedures for exportation have changed at will without notifying the public with a days advance.

I think that if my brother in law, Albert Trillo, who by the way is a very hard working person, should be allowed to continue making an honest living and the restrictions should be lifted for all not just him. For your information that is the only means of support he has for his family, and with these restrictions it is only harder for him to meet his household obligations. PLEASE RECONSIDER HIS SITUATION AND LET HIM WORK!

i think this is another example of your government doing something counter productive - limiting people's ability to make a living on their own, this is absurd

you don't know the half of it. you have to go early in the morning to put your name on a list that customs does not control. At 8am they go down the list and call your name if you are not there you are off the list. They you have to go the next day by 8:30am to clock in your documents 1 per person. People have to take abunch of employess or family members to be able to cross the vehicle and
commerical vehicles (dump trucks, mobile cranes, etc) in a reasonable amount of time.

or you pay someone to. There are people there making a living off of this.
We are in the same boat with the Trillos it has affected our business at least 50%. No other port has this absurd system!

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