No Payment May Force Local Business To Shut Down


POSTED: Thursday, September 15, 2011 - 5:19pm

UPDATED: Friday, March 30, 2012 - 10:19am

EL PASO - Todd Bundy may have to close down his business, Desert Sun Excavation. That's because he did some work at the Fort Bliss Rod and Gun Club and never got paid. Now he's out 28,000.00 dollars.

Bundy's company constructed a shooting berm eleven months ago. That's a barrier meant to act as a safety net to stop bullets from hitting anyone on the gun range.

"We performed all the work, and after the work was finished the company just sort of vanished," Bundy said.

That company is Phoenix Construction. The Army granted them the original contract for the job, and they sub-contracted Desert Sun Excavation to do the work.

"Just because you do a government job and you have a contract with somebody doesn't necessarily mean you're going to get paid, and it doesn't necessarily mean that the government is going to help you get paid," Bundy said.

Bundy has been trying to get his 28,000.00 dollar payment from Phoenix Construction for nearly a year now. He says he asked the Rod and Gun Club, Fort Bliss and the Army for help, but no one could tell him where his money was. He also turned to the Office of Congressmen Silvestre Reyes, and they emailed him with some information..

"In August, we were told that the payment was issued to a company called Guzman Construction, which we did not have a contract with," he said.

Guzman Construction has the same phone number as Phoenix Construction. We left several voicemails at that number, but so far no one has returned our calls. That's why we'll keep trying.

Bundy contacted the FBI for help, and he says they may end up investigating. In the meantime, he's already selling off his company's equipment and he may have to shut down.

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That's what you call Karma Todd.....who owes arrears for child support for not paying for over a year!!!

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