Family Scared Out Of Their Home


POSTED: Friday, January 7, 2011 - 5:33pm

UPDATED: Thursday, August 4, 2011 - 7:22am

EL PASO - If those power lines outside appear dangerously close to your home you've got company. A Northeast El Paso family is going through the same thing and they don't like it.

"During the weekend when the wind was blowing we literally slept two nights in a hotel," Jim Ahrendes said.

Ahrendes and his wife have been literally scared out of their home. That's because a power pole with three transformers appears to be coming dangerously close to falling on their house.

"Do we feel safe? No. I will feel safe when the power pole gets changed out and it's no longer leaning at what I think is a precarious angle. All it could take is one more wind and that thing will fall on my house," Ahrendes said.

Ahrendes says he's called the city, the fire department, the police department and even El Paso electric for help. Yet a month after making the first call the pole still hasn't been secured.

"The only thing that is holding the power pole, that we can tell right now, are the two [power] lines that are attached to the building. Those lines were loose and after these winds that we had those lines tightened up, which means they are the only thing that we can tell is holding that pole up," he said.

We called El Paso Electric looking for answers. We wanted to know why they wouldn't replace a pole that is top heavy and looks unstable. We were told it's because nearby stores wouldn't agree to a power outage for a couple of hours.

"As near as we can tell if you stand in the alley and you look down and you figure out where the thing will fall it's right over our bedroom. It's to the point now my wife will not sleep in our bedroom until it gets fixed," Ahrendes said.

But electricity shouldn't overpower the safety of others. That's why El Paso Electric is now working to secure the pole. We're told work has already begun, and the pole will be replaced starting in about ten days. Of course, we will let you know when the work is done.

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i have no water or heat and very little food. do people care NO as long as it does not involve them people could care less about other individuals. i live on disability and there is no help out there if you are white reverse discrimination. i also trusted someone and have been ripped off does the police department care or even doing their so called job. logo to protect and serve what a joke. protect the wealthy and serve the wealthy and forget everyone else that is in need.

I have a BIG problem in my apartment. That i really need help to get resolved. Last wednesday my daughter was in the shower when i went downstairs and heard water leaking. I called the so called 24hr maintance we have and all he said was that he couldn't do anything about it till the following day. My roof was leaking. Now its MONDAY, the hole in my ceiling is still there and its still leaking... Please help me... I asked them for another apartment, and they asked for a $300 depoist. NOT FAIR!!!

Will my story is about my parents house, on my parents house there roof is falling and we are scared I said we because we are 5 people and 3 babys. We are scared of the winds, every times there wind some parts of the roof go with it.
My father can work he has heart problem and my mom take care of him i can find a job.

Thank you for listening.

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