El Paso Man Wants Justice After Dog Bite


POSTED: Tuesday, January 25, 2011 - 6:45pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, March 8, 2011 - 8:27am

EL PASO— An El Pasoan is only looking for what he believes is owed to him.

Hector Castaneda has a scar on his finger, which he said he received back in September 2010, when his neighbor's dog wandered onto his property. Castaneda said he tried to pick the animal up and bring it back to his owner.

“When I tried to grab him he bit me,” said Castaneda.

After sustaining the injury, Castaneda said he went to the hospital, and was treated. He said after he had set up a claim with the State Farm insurance company, the claim was taken off by the dog's owner. Castaneda said the only thing he wants is to get compensated for his medical expenses.

“It's just an insurance matter. I don't understand why they're treating us like that,” he said.

The dog owner's son said Castaneda was warned not to pick up the dog before the incident occurred, and that the bite took place on public property.

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Time to rotate this for a new story? Getting annoyed at seeing this every time i visit the website and for such a minor thing.

Do you think you might replace this story with something a little newer? It's been posted for quite a while now and every time I look at the KTSM news online, I am repulsed by that thumb. While I feel sorry for the man whose thumb was bitten by the dog, I think the picture is past it's prime. Many thanks!

OMG He looks like his injury is really bad. Anybody, will sue for anything when it comes to money. I don't think this guy knows about dogs he needs to watch The Dog Whisperer. Its called how can I get some money? Look at my injury? Ambulance chasers, utterly ridiculous.

I bet you wouldn't say that if that dog bit you on the cankle.

What medicare did not pay for it? come on i know all those central people have it.

Hey A W, do you know the difference between Medicare and Medicaid? Stupid. I'm from central and I have medical insurance.

Hey A W, do you know the difference between Medicare and Medicaid? Stupid. I'm from central and I have medical insurance.

omg quick get a doctor

i wanna see the picture of the dog.. you can tell by the look in his eyes if he has remorse or not.. and yeah, who picks up a dog after being warned not too.. can u say punting practice? or even a shoo shoo lil mutt?

RIDICULOUS!!! It's a tiny mark on the inside of his thumb not a disfigurement on his face or something. He is an idiot for trying to pick up a strange dog in the first place. Why not walk over to the neighbor's house and tell them that the dog was on his property and let THEM get the dog. This is just stupidity and greed.

if you were bit id bet you would sue, if i were bitten id shoot the dog, bad owners create bad dogs.

Shoot the dog? Really? Wow what a tough guy. I'm sure your the kind of guy who abuses animals judging from your ignorant comment. From the looks of his finger it was probably a teacup chihuahua. BUT the owner of the dog should have been responsible enough to not let the dog out of the yard, seems like it happened often if he said he warned him before not to pick up the dog. Take care of your animals!!!!

Just because a dog bites a stranger trying to grab it doesn't make it a "Bad dog", just a scared dog. Easy fix... go next door and tell the neighbor that their dog is out. Anyone who has half a brain would know not to try to pick up a strange dog and if you do try and get bit, it's not the DOG'S fault.

I agree, he should not have picked up the dog.
If the dog wandered into his property he should have called his neighbor and asked him to please get his dog from there. But I do believe the owners son saying it happend on public property, this is just a case of greed trying to take the neighbors money.

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