Bankrupt Store Leaves Customer In Tears

Bankrupt Store Leaves Customer In Tears

POSTED: Thursday, March 1, 2012 - 6:00pm

UPDATED: Thursday, May 3, 2012 - 1:08pm

EL PASO - A woman bought furniture from a popular store in West El Paso, and she even paid for the extra warranty. When she tried to use that warranty, she was left with no new furniture and a bill that nearly doubled.

Maria Garcia wiped away tears of frustration. She bought couches six months ago, and she spent hundreds of dollars on a five year warranty to protect them. After they were delivered, she noticed a problem with the stitching. She immediately called the company to use her expensive warranty.

"They said the new furniture is coming in November. I called them in November and they said in December," Garcia said. "I went personally to the store, and they said come back in two weeks."

To this day, the old furniture is still sitting in her house, and there's another problem.

"They're charging me on my account for the new selection even without delivering," she said.

Roomstore added new furniture onto her account, nearly doubling her bill. Now the bank is forcing her to pay an extra $2,500.00 even though she doesn't have any new furniture.

We went to Roomstore Furniture to ask if they would help out Maria. The manager said he wouldn't talk to us, in fact he said he was only there to see out the liquidation sale. He said the bankruptcy won't let employees see accounts opened before January.

Better Business Bureau Spokesperson Annabelle Estrada says Maria has one option left.

"If a consumer is still owed products, they can go to the bankruptcy court and make a claim," Estrada said.

The Better Business Bureau also advises buyers to use their own credit cards instead of in-store financing.

"Anytime you finance you're developing a long term relationship with a business, and that just leaves room for risk," Estrada said.

In the meantime, Maria is being forced to pay a higher bill, still with no new furniture, and she's worried they're going to continue to add charges.

"I just want to comply, but if they go up I can't do it," she said.

Maria says the company has now told her that the furniture will be delivered in May.

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Wow how sad that a local business takes advantage of people in such an ugly matter. Business like those shouldnt be open, they always take advantage of people.

This is exactly what is happening to us...When we went to talk to them (I-10 location) about our new furniture they told us they were protected (bankruptcy). We just wanted to know why we hadn't received our furniture that was also promised. We were very upset with the management, they threatened to call police on us if we told customers at the store on the type of service they are providing. We are now fighting the charge through the Credit Card company. We still don't have our furniture, just the new charge! RoomStore is the worst don't shop there.

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