Car Went Missing


POSTED: Wednesday, January 28, 2009 - 5:49pm

UPDATED: Friday, November 30, 2012 - 2:07pm

When you take your car to get fixed you trust it's in good hands. But one man says he took his car to get a new engine and never got it back. Francisco Ramirez thought when he took his car to Migza Motors it would come back with a new engine. Ramirez says the mechanic told him it would take months to upgrade the engine, so he left the car at the shop. But after a few months he got worried. " I cruised by there and it really blew my head apart because there was a dog and the fence was locked, my car was gone," Ramirez said. It turns out the shop had closed down. Ramirez says the owner, Miguel Zavala, told him to come get the car at his house. But he says when he went by his house to pay Zavala for the job the car was gone. Mr. Zavala told us by phone he gave the El Camino to a junk yard in Juarez because Ramirez never picked up the car. Ramirez reported the car stolen but doubts he'll ever see it again. "It took me years to get it to the shape it was in, and in less than a year it was gone," Ramirez said. It's not unheard of in Texas for auto-shops to take ownership of abandoned cars. According to Texas law, they have to send letters to the owner, file a lien and eventually can gain title to the vehicle. But that legal process didn't happen in this case. So for now, the car is listed as "stolen" and police will only say they're looking in to the matter.

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I had just bought a vehicle (in cash) from this same guy Miguel Zavala and had to give him back the title to my vehilce because he was going to register it to my name and have not been able to communicate with him since then. This guy is a complete crook and sad to say that he also owns all the Valentine bakery's in El Paso which just makes me wonder of all the crooked things this guy has done to maintain his businesses. I wish I knew his home adress to confront him and get my tittle back.

Hi jrodrigu,
I am having a similar problem, with the same person.
Is there any way I can contact you and talk about it? My e-mail is sikerhert at gmail dot com.

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