Troubleshooters Investigates Contractor Controversy


POSTED: Friday, November 6, 2009 - 7:48pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 9, 2011 - 10:57am

Fernando Pacheco owner of Tri State General Contractors was hired in August to do some work on district clerk, Gilbert Sanchez' home, both inside and out. He says the roofing work was finished within a couple of days, and he was paid 3-thousand dollars. Then he called one of his employees to do sheet rocking work on the inside. From the get-go Pacheco says it was hard to set up a work date. "I gave it to my sheet rock guy," Pacheco said, "we were half way through September and I said what's going on? I can't get a hold of Mr. Sanchez." He eventually got a hold of Sanchez and says the job was done so he wanted the rest of the money he was owed, about four thousand dollars. The contractor says he tried repeatedly to get a hold of Sanchez but couldn't . When he finally caught up with him, Pacheco says he refused to pay up. "He said, I talked to my lawyers and i don't have to pay you," Pacheco said. But Gilbert Sanchez says the work was not finished. "Finally his dry waller came by and all he did was tape up the holes and that's it," Sanchez said, "Now he's requesting 4,000 dollars for putting tape when he didn't complete the job." The contractor says Sanchez never told him he was unhappy with the work, never complained, never tried to explain why he wasn't paying, until he started trying to collect the money. Sanchez told us he will pay for the work that was done correctly, but would not let us see for ourselves what is wrong.

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This theif has escaped justice in more ways than one. Consistently cheated the public and has not recieved his just dues. How a person can be so blatantly dishonest is incredible.

he probably cant afford to pay since he has all those legal fees.

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