Mobile Home Falling Apart


POSTED: Friday, January 9, 2009 - 7:46am

UPDATED: Thursday, February 18, 2010 - 3:05pm

CHAPARRAL, N.M.--- On the outside, Max Harmon Jr.'s mobile home looks brand new, but on the inside, things have been falling apart. His fireplace door, just won't close. His toilet won't flush right. Max said, these are just a couple of the problems here. "The patio door is offset, the dishwasher leaks. Still, there's molding, trimming that's coming off," he said. But no other problem, Max said, is as bad as the location of his water heater. "You can't get to the water heater," he said. When Max first moved in, he tried to find his water heater but, it was nowhere to be found. That's because it was located behind part of the dry wall. So Max called Affordable Mobile Homes, in El Paso, where he bought the home in August. Even with a one-year-warranty, Max said there's been little help. "Just mickey mouse stuff that they can take the time over here to fix but they won't come over." We went looking for answers and found A.M.H owner Cimarron Conyers. He showed us several work orders and notes by servicemen who visited the home. The workers know what parts are needed to fix the problems, but Conyers said, there's a glitch. "I don't have the parts to complete it so i can't do it." According to Conyers, the economy has taken a toll on the manufacturing company where he gets his mobile home parts, causing the holdup on fixing Harmon's home since September. "As soon as I hear from (the manufacturers) I'll know, but I've called them several times today also," he said. "As soon as I know the customer will know." As far as putting in a panel door for the water heater, Conyers said that is not part of the warranty. But this fact doesn't make the situation any less frustrating for Max. "It's the principle of it. If they say it's a one-year- warranty that they'll come unconditionally... you expect that." There is still no telling when Max can expect his home to be fixed.

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