Northeast Hired Fuenco Contractors


POSTED: Thursday, February 5, 2009 - 7:00pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, January 4, 2011 - 11:00am

Our Trouble Shooter team is looking in to another complaint against Fuenco Contractors by a homeowner in Northeast El Paso. Linda Acosta says she hired Fuenco Contractors to do a $118,000 addition to her home. Acosta claims the contractor stopped short of finishing. Acosta says she had to hire another contractor to finish the job. That job cost her another $40,000. Acosta says she's suing to try and recoup some of the money she lost. She called Trouble Shooters after seeing our story earlier this week. "I was really frustrated with the fact that this guy is still out there doing business still doing the same type of work still deceiving the public and i can see why people don't go back and try to follow- up," Acosta said. We asked Juan Rodriguez about Acosta's claims but he didn't say much about the her allegations. "You know that's in between lawyers I can't talk about that. Right now it's either she gets some money or I get some money. So you know I can't comment on that," Rodriguez said. We checked with the Better Business Bureau and found no report of complaints against Fuenco Contractors. But we did find an "F" rating for a company called Fuenco Maintenance and the owner listed is Juan Rodriguez. The "F" rating is the result of the complaints - and the company's "Not responding to the Better Business Bureau's inquiries.

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