Trial starts for man charged with killing two Fort Bliss Soldiers

Trial starts for man charged with killing two Fort Bliss Soldiers
Monday, April 8, 2013 - 9:48pm

A trial is underway for a 30-year-old man accused of killing two Fort Bliss soldiers outside a night club in Central El Paso.

The prosecution called several detectives and witnesses to the stand for the first day of the capital murder trial of Craig Graham.

The prosecution showed the jury a map and pictures of Club Fussion to help them better understand what happened.

A man and a woman who knew Graham also testified they were at the club on January 15, 2012 before the shooting. The couple was involved in a short altercation with a group of people earlier in the night.

The last witness for the day testified that Graham sent her a text message at 1:45 that morning saying he was going to beat someone up.

Graham and 22-year-old Tyrone Head started arguing as the club was closing. Head allegedly grabbed a gun out of his car and fired 10 shots into the air. Graham allegedly shot back and shot Head in the torso, and also allegedly hit two 21 year old bystanders.

Army Private Damien Bailey was shot in the chest, and Private Preston Brown was hit in the head. Bailey and Brown died.

Head was charged with murder but was acquitted in February.

If convicted, Graham faces an automatic sentence of life in prison.

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