Trending Now: Myspace Comeback, iPhone 5 Woes, Man Jumps From Window


POSTED: Monday, October 1, 2012 - 5:57pm

UPDATED: Monday, October 1, 2012 - 6:00pm

If you ever saw the movie Social Network, you'll remember Justin Timberlake starring as one of the Facebook pioneers. But in real life.. is J.T. bringing Myspace back?

Sometime in the middle of the last decade Myspace went from hot property to hot mess.
Now, backed by investor Justin Timberlake, the site just unveiled a sneak preview of a soon-to-be revamped site. Music sharing and artists appear to be featured prominently.

At its peak, Myspace had about 100 million users. Facebook today, is closing in on one billion, a giant even other giants like Google have found it tough to challenge. But the goal of the new Myspace may not be to be another Facebook. Finding a niche , like music, may be the key.
With Timberlake, Myspace certainly has another dose of name recognition behind it.

Apple's iPhone 5 can't seem to catch a break lately. There are reports that its new operating system IOS 6 is slow and inconsistent.  Apple also recently issued an apology for its map application. Now, a new problem has popped up: a glitch that's putting some users over their data limit. Last week, Verizon's customers started noticing their iPhones were using cellular data while the device was connected to a wi-fi network, which is free. Because of the glitch, users hit their monthly data cap very quickly. Apple hasn't said how widespread the problem is, but the company pushed out a software update to fix it. It's not clear if other carriers were affected by the bug, but AT&T customers have reported similar problems. With one apology under its belt already, it seems the line of unhappy iPhone 5 customers is growing longer.

This video is sure to shake up your Monday evening. An elderly man jumped from his New York City apartment into the arms of good samaritans 3-stories below. The 72-year-old man's apartment was on fire and the only way out was to jump. He suffered only a bruised heel. His apartment however, sustained significant damage.

High five to good samaritans, huh?

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