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Thursday, April 5, 2012 - 5:59pm

Facebook Fans voted Thursday, and the Story of the Day went to “Message in a Bottle.” About two years ago.Jerry Pope from Connecticut decided to send off a treasure into the sea.

"I had my bottle and my note in my hand, and i decided i'm going to send it on a journey," Pope said.

His treasure came back to him in postcard form all the way from England!

"Where it would end, I wouldn't have said England,” he said. “I couldn't give a country or a continent where it was going because i had no idea. I didn't even know if it was going to get out of here, but evidently it traveled 4,000 miles all by itself on a lonely journey."

Pope found the postcard in his mailbox just last week, and plans to send off another message in a bottle.

A Minnesota waitress received a treasure of her own. A $12,000 treasure to be exact. A customer left her the tip in a box - but instead of keeping it, she called police to turn it in. They told her if it went unclaimed she could keep it after 90 days. Those three months have come and gone, and the police then claimed the $12,000 was considered drug money and she was only entitled to a $1,000 reward. The waitress is now suing the police department for the rest of her treasure.

Trending in cities across the nation is a kinder, more gentle form of graffiti. It’s called yarn-bombing, a cozy but colorful form of urban art. Artists knit masterpieces over cars, telephone booths and trees. Fellow NC9 viewers were familiar with the art:

Ruby Holguin responded:

"NMSU is going to have a yarn-bombing some time this month on campus. It is called heART Lines. I am very excited to see it."

Janie Rae Chavez told NC9:

"There are dozens of places around town I've got in mind to yarn bomb. I've been seeing this around for a few years now."
NMSU is indeed holding a yarn-bombing event April 18. The event can be found on


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