Trending Now: Deadly Dog Treats, Energy App, Google Art Project

Wednesday, April 4, 2012 - 6:18pm

News Channel 9 fans voted for 'Deadly Dog Treats', a story that warns dog owners about the potential danger of "Waggin' Train" brand of snacks.

One owner claims his pomeranian 'Cleo' died of kidney failure caused by the snacks and is calling on the FDA to investigate the product. Since 2007 the FDA says they've received hundreds of reports of dog poisoning from the treats.

A spokesperson of the snacks say they are safe to feed as directed.

Patricia McDaniel, an NC9 Facebook Fan told us she had been feeding her dog the same treats and was completely unaware of the feeding directions.

She writes
"I never even imagined giving them more than two a day would kill them."

The packaging states very specific feeding instructions.

Facebook Fans may see a new app allowing users to share yet another personal life detail: Energy usage. The app links users’ energy utility to their Facebook accounts and posts monthly usage in hopes of encouraging energy waste awareness.

Moving on to Google and education, there was a huge expansion with the "Google Art Project." It's a little bit like Google Maps only instead of giving users a peek into streets, the new website allows anyone to browse international art galleries from anywhere!

Even teachers are taking advantage with 'virtual field trips' to showcase over 150 collections in 40 countries.


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