Trending Now: Batman, Barbie & Mega Millions

Friday, March 30, 2012 - 6:18pm

Social media further proving a strong weapon in campaign awareness, and this time, it's with Mattel's Barbie.

A Facebook campaign calls for a bald Barbie intended for young girls suffering from hair loss because of cancer treatments, alopecia, and other hair loss problems.

The Facebook page is up to over 150,000 fans and Mattel has responded. They'll be creating a friend for Barbie, who will be bald.

Following closely behind Barbie on Trending Now topics was Batman, only this time it's on police dashcam. In a surprising traffic stop in Maryland, the Bat mobile was pulled over for not having proper license plates. This Baltimore-area businessman dressed as Batman was on his way to a hospital to entertain sick children.

And no matter where you look, Mega Millions fever is taking over. With a $640 million pot, dollar signs are popping out of millions of dreamers eyes. Wondering what you'd do if you came across that kind of money? One lottery winner, a former sheriff from West Virginia shares how he spent his millions last summer.

He treated himself to some toys, but since his win, he's been giving back to his community by purchasing ambulances and other vehicles for the fire department. So far it’s been a mobile command center for the state police, and an armored truck for all law enforcement to share.


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