Caught on camera: High winds almost flip semi off the road

CNN via KWCH-DT;Facebook/Jake Stokes
Traffic Tracker
Thursday, May 15, 2014 - 9:28am

An 18-wheeler nearly flips over, amid what were believed to be 60-mile-per-hour winds on a Kansas highway and the driver behind the semi caught it all on video. Pilar Pedraza takes a look with an expert, who breaks down how the truck's driver made a miraculous recovery.

Even those who caught the near accident on video can't quite believe what they're seeing.

"That's amazing."

Neither can local truck driving instructor Richard Noeller. He says the driver's recovery was 70-percent luck and 30-percent skill. "I've been wondering if the cargo, he was empty... 'cause he had no cargo shift there. The driver side of this truck the tire is already starting to turn toward the ditch."

Here's what Noeller says the driver was doing. By turning his front axle, which steers the truck, the same direction the trailer was tilting, that's called jack-knifing the truck, he uses centrifugal force to push the trailer back down to the ground. It took more than just this maneuver to keep the truck from rolling.

"He went in the ditch and that sand out in western Kansas probably was what helped pull that tractor around so sharply."

That's why you see the entire big rig suddenly jump to the right in this video.

"I think that that and a lot of other factors all took place at once."

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