Towing Trucking Company Fights Back


POSTED: Wednesday, September 29, 2010 - 4:42pm

UPDATED: Friday, October 1, 2010 - 8:36pm

Seven tow trucking companies used to be on a rotation for the sheriff's office. Now, only one company gets all the action.

Ray Apodaca is the manager Alba Southwest Wrecker. He says that he just wants the rotation back.  

"The towing company who was awarded the bid right now is operating without a signed contract. I discovered this the other day when we went to commissioners court that the commissioners we're unaware that this contract had been awarded.One of the commissioners brought up the point, 'Did we sign something,' " Apodaca said.

The companies are saying they were never notified about the bid or about their termination. The reason for the change? Sheriff Wiles says changing to one company will benefit people by saving them money with a lowered basic tow fee.

Roberto Carrasco from Carrasco Wrecking says he wishes that everyone had the chance to provide their services for a set price.

"If the county would have had the courtesy to sit down with us we could have negotiated any type of contract or agreement. We've been operating with them for over 40 years. They could have at least let us know what was going on," Carrasco said.

Sheriff Wiles admits he didn't notify any companies that there would be an opportunity to bid, but says that ethically he didn't think he could after the bid was put out. Now, the companies will pursue legal options to get their business back.

Viola Parra from Parra's Wrecker Service says that their business has gone down significantly in the past few weeks.

"Our workload has decreased 50% so it's affecting us a lot," Parra said.  

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