Tow Truck Companies Want Chance to Bid


POSTED: Friday, September 24, 2010 - 6:30pm

UPDATED: Sunday, September 26, 2010 - 7:02pm

For more than 30 years the towing companies in El Paso County were on a rotation to do work for the sheriff's office.

Now, after a bid that was awarded in August, one tow company will do the work exclusively.

But competitors say they want to go back to sharing the pie again.

Jose Lopez is the assistant purchasing agent for the County of El Paso and he says they did everything by the books.

"The question here is, do you have a legal contract? And that's really up to the county attorneys office. However like I said you have a verbal agreement from about 35, 40 years ago you have nothing else in writing," Lopez said.

The county purchasing department says that all towing companies had the opportunity to submit a bid since late May.

"They had the opportunity to bid but they didn't know the opportunity was out there. Some of them say they didn't know," Lopez said.

Lopez says that just like all legal notices, the notice to bid was put in El Paso Inc. and that it was on their website.

Ray Apodaca is a manager from Alba Southwest Wrecker.
He says that this is affecting their business so much that he couldn't make payroll this month.

"The sheriff is going to put several of us out of business," Apocada said.

Apodaca says if the county would just set one price, all companies could continue to work for the county.
He says if the contract stays as is, it may put him out of business.

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Duh, has anybody drilled down and see who really makes money on these contracts? Who is in control of these companies, and who is in the politicians pockets? wake up El Paso and smell the chorizo, it is all graft, smoke and mirrors.

I think that sheriff Samaniego had it right. Call the Co. next in line and if he can't make it go to the next. The only real problem is that he should have set one rate for whatever Co. wants to do business with the Sheriffs office/El Paso Co. so that they all can do business and no one is getting any preferencial treatment of any kind.

I think the county should go with the company that can show up when called. So many times the tow truck takes hours to show up. That leaves our officers waiting around wasting tax payers dollars.

If they all want a peice of the county action they should organize. Set up a central line with a dispatcher that can send what ever company is available at that specific time. But they need to do it on their own. This should not be taxpayers responsibility.

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