Tom Brown's Lawyers Claim District Attorney's Investigation is Politically Motivated


POSTED: Saturday, August 20, 2011 - 9:36pm

UPDATED: Monday, August 22, 2011 - 3:14pm

EL PASO – There is more controversy surrounding an effort by Pastor Tom Brown to recall the mayor and two city representatives.

Brown and his supporters are circulating a petition to recall Mayor John Cook and City Representatives Susie Byrd and Steve Ortega.

Brown's attorneys, Stewart Leeds and Theresa Caballero, held a news conference at Memorial Park Saturday afternoon. They claim Cook, Byrd and Ortega disregarded the will of the voters when they reversed an ordinance that took away health benefits for domestic partners of city employees.

"If they can set aside this vote, they can set aside any other vote they want. They were not elected to be dictators," said Leeds.

Mayor Cook said the ordinance was poorly worded and confusing so that's why he voted to restore partner benefits.

At Saturday's news conference, Caballero called out District Attorney Jaime Esparza. She said he has launched a politically motivated investigation into allegations that Brown and his supporters have been illegally obtaining signatures for the recall petition. Caballero said Esparza is trying to protect Cook, Byrd and Ortega.

"Pastor brown and his followers have broken no laws,” said Caballero. “If there is a law on the books criminalizing like-minded people congregating in their places of worship, and promoting political beliefs, then that law is toxic trash and needs to be condemned."

In a statement, Cook said "both Stewart and Theresa have been enemies of the District Attorney for a long time. She ran against Jaime Esparza and lost in the last November election. So maybe she's politically motivated to go after him."

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Think about this: The "Judge's Detailed Ruling" stated that the people who had medical coverage were not entitled to it. THEREFORE, THEY HAD BEEN GETTING COVERAGE THAT THEY WERE NOT ENTITLED TO AND THEY ARE STILL GETTING IT BECAUSE OF DICTATOR CROOK! Using the "City Charter" to justify the Mayor having the authority to overturn the voting results is bogus....BECAUSE HE IS CONT. TO AUTHORIZE AN ILLEGAL FUNCTION, AT OUR EXPENSE !!!

Politicaly or religiously motivated or not, who cares! Cook and his gang reversed our vote without hesitation. They need to be removed ASAP!

Cook is doing this to set himself up for another democrat politician job somewhere else. He is trying to leave his job with some accomplishments in his belt, regardless of what El Paso voters think. "El cocinero" needs to go in shame not glory.

These attorneys said, "if there is a law". They are apparently not sure so that doesn't speak well for them.

Two attorneys say "if there is a law...." They are very poor attorneys if they don't know whether or not there is a law.

It all sounds like they are taking one side without knowing the facts which doesn't speak well for them.

I elected John Cook. I have to right recall him.
Who filed the complaint that Jaime Esparza is investigating? Susie Bryd's secretary? An Ortega staffer? Or Charlie McNabb?
It troubles me that the three of them to engage in these machinations rather than endure the recall process. If the majority want them to remain in office, great. If not, they will learn a valuable lesson

Tom Brown's Lawyers Claim District Attorney's Investigation is Politically Motivated....Of course it is! They're trying to protect they're jobs from a lunatic with a bible. There has been clear seperation of church and state for hundreds of years, period. Pastor Brown's actions are based on his trying to force hs beliefs into politics. That's illegal. The worst thing is, like most criminals, instead of accepting he's wrong, he's trying to convince others he's right.

The trouble makers in all of this mess is Cook and his two cronies. They should resign for going against the Judge's ruling on this issue concerning health coverage. They acted like commie dictators and they should remove themselves from office and not cause El Pasoans any more or otherwise. The mayor is quick to remove people that he believes are "out of order" at council meeting. Therefore, he and his 2 cronies should remove themselves for their improper conduct.

I am a medically retired FST.. Forced to retire after 18 years of good service from the El Paso Fire Department by City of El Paso after suffering an ON THE JOB, traumatic head injury. When I asked what the cost would be to maintain my medical benefits, the lady working for the City quoted me the price of $750 a month. I would like to know, WHERE ARE MY FREE MEDICAL BENEFITS??

God bless Pastor Brown, he's on the front lines
fighting for all of ElPaso's voting rights. I sure hope he succeeds for all our sakes.

Amazing. "Toxic trash"? Funny how things are such when they go against our biased beliefs.

Whether you like Cook, Brown, Leeds, or Caballero, the plain truth of this drama is that the VOTERS voted one way, (whether we like it or not), and other self-appointed gods reversed "The Will of the Majority", duh sounds like democracy and the process is getting trashed by the small minority. I dont side with Brown and his moralistic teaching, but I do side with the democratic process being followed. Only in the dusty west can this be happening.

That piece of legislation that Brown introduced was toxic trash and it was condemned by the people who we elected to make those informed decisions.

I believe that the attack on Tom Brown is politically motivated and echoes the tactic of character assassination used by the democrats against their oponents. I also believe that Cook and Company are trying to turn El Paso into San Francisco on the Border. Harvy Milk would be proud of Cook, Ortega, and Byrd and their supporters.

And maybe Jaime Esparza is politically motivated to protect Cook and his cronies. Mr Cook, just because someone lost an election, doesn't mean they go after this person for the rest of their lives. If that were true, then Jaime Perez and Dee Margo would still be going after people from years ago.

Everyone in el paso knows that the Mayor, Byrd, Orourke-now Niland Ortega Esparaza, Margo, Escobar are practically a "GANG" and run El Paso with impunity!! They get what they want from Downtown "Revitalization" to this ordinance and if you cross them they will try to destroy you! We should vote to get them out just for that!

Cook, you took away my vote. You were not voted in be a dictator and neither were the rest of your goons. I am not Pastor Tom Brown, nor one of his attorneys. I am a just a citizen of El Paso who voted NO. My vote should have counted. Why vote? I mean you are the new Idi Amin, Stalin, Mao, El Paso's own dictator. You and the frogs that back you up are corrupt to the gills. Jaime Esparza, he's got nothing, just grasping at AIR!! Why not go after you and your corrupt frogs instead!

Perfectly said!

And Cook is an enemy of the people by not respecting their vote!

Theresa Caballero is an incompetant attorney. I do agree however that Cook and his co-conspiritors should be ousted, but using this attorney to do it is a waste of time and money. She is worthless.

If that is Ms. Caballero's actual words than it's a shame that she isn't a better student of the American system. Ther is specifically wording against religious people using their church for political ends. It's called seperation of church and state. One of the cornerstones of our system.
Personally I think the City should have
drafted it just the way they wanted it . Then all could see that they were the anti human bigots they are, hiding under a religious blanket.

I just don't think it is right to throw out the will of the people because they do not conform to your personal beliefs. That is bad for democracy and it is bad for El Paso. If the people voted not to have benefits for certain people then that should be respected. Those paying the taxes need to determine what their tax dollars should be used for and not political office holder. That is dictatorship plain and simple.

Dramatic lawyers were hired by Brown's hate organization. I would think Teresa would not be associated with a biggot. Every homeowner should consider a class action civil case against Brown him self and his organizations for having the city having to pay attorneys and hold expensive elections just because they dont like a "portion" of the human citizens of El Paso. Brown just wants to sell his books, keep money coming into his so called church so he can live lavishly,(BMW) & others suffer.

more pointless grandstanding. if Tom Brown and his brainwashed followers were really emissaries for Christ's teachings, they would nothing to do with the blatant politicization of their beliefs. it's all self-serving games for them. more attention = more money. more money = more like Christ. that's how it works, right?

NOOOO!!!! Not our corrupt politicans??? They wouldn't do something like that.....damn right they will.

they are democrats aren't they??

The Mayor,Ms Byrd, and Mr. Ortega were, and still sre, wrong to reverse the will of the voters and change it to their will. I was not confused by the language of the petition. People already refuse to vote because the feel their vote does no good. This appears to prove them right. Mr. Cook should not be attacking Pastor Brown's lawyers. They are doing their job -- representing their client.

I retired after working 36 years at YISD. Why are city employees allowed to put their insurance and their family's insurance costs on the taxpayers' backs? I still pay Tx Teacher Retirement System for my insurance and my spouse's inssurance.

Go get them Leeds and Caballero!


Although I may not agree with Ms. Caballero and Mr. Leeds statements all of the time, I believe they are "Right On" concerning Reverend Brown's or any citizens right to lead a recall campaign against any elected official.

As long as there is a preceived wrongdoing, especially one that is as blatant as "overiding the citizens votes", then Rev Brown is on solid legal ground.

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