Tom Brown, Lawyer: It's Not a "Gay Rights" Issue


POSTED: Friday, September 23, 2011 - 4:02pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, October 4, 2011 - 3:01pm

EL PASO - Enough voters have spoken, but the attorneys for local Pastor Tom Brown say the mayor is still trying to prevent the recall.

Theresa Caballero and Stuart Leeds say the legal fight over the recall is not over. In fact, they say there's another hearing set for Monday.

"They're going to keep trying to interfere with the people's right to vote," Leeds said.

Leeds and Caballero are defending Brown. He's the man leading the effort to recall Mayor John Cook, and City Representatives Susie Byrd and Steve Ortega. As you know, Brown wants them kicked out of office for restoring benefits to the domestic partners of city employees after voters took them away. Mayor Cook tried to stop the recall effort by saying Brown shouldn't have circulated his recall petition in city churches, but a judge let the recall move forward and now Caballero says Mayor Cook is trying to stop it again in appellate court.

"In non-legal speak they filed motions saying we're confused," Caballero said.

Caballero says the hearing is set for Monday. She also wants people to know it's not an issue about gay rights.

"It's no longer about gay rights or partner benefits. It's about a group of schmucks in office being financed by we need to find out whom," she said.

Caballero says she's filed her own motion for the same hearing to find out who's paying for Mayor Cook's legal fight.

"The population says we don't want any more of Cook, Susie Byrd or Steve Ortega. We need to get rid of them. Then you have this oligarchy. These individuals who really run the town propping them up cause they need their men in power," she said.

As it stands the hearing and the voter-led initiative for a recall election are moving forward.

"They want to send the message to all politicians that you need to learn. You guys need to listen to the voters and listen to the people. We elected you to be representatives of the people and not to be a king or a God," Leeds said.

Again, the hearing is set for Monday. That's when we'll find out if the recall election will be stalled in any way. We might also find out who's paying to win this fight.

NewsChannel 9 also spoke with Mayor John Cook today, look for our team coverage

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Wow singling out a group of people just because they are different. That is very "Christian" of Brown... Isn't the Christian way to accept everybody and to love God? This guy has his own personal agenda. Yeah Cook messed up but this ignorant pastor shouldn't be allowed to throw his weight around just because he thinks he is better then anybody else. The United States is made up of many different types of people and if a man wants to marry man well so be it. Religion shouldn't mix with politics.

Tyrant Cook & 2 regime members (Byrd,Ortega)acted against the principles of democracy. The 3 of them acted against the fundamental rights, liberties, & the law of our democratic country. They are no better than a wayward police officer, who violates the Rights of any free citizen or defendant, because he thought he was right. All over the world,1 by 1,dictatorial systems are being eliminated. Vote these 3 out of office. No, I don't hate gays.

The Mayor and the council members didn't interfere with the voters right to vote, that's not the issue. The issue is this so called man of God's discriminatory nature. You could have fooled me, I thought Brown's reason for setting these events in motion was the gay rights/partner benefits legislation that he put forth. Quit trying to make this into something else, maybe your eyebrows don't let you see that Caballero. You and your snaggletoothed partner are Brown's pawns. Clowns, bloodsuckers.

The Pope speaks out against abortion...but Nancy doesnt listen.
Most clergy stay out of it for fear.

And I clearly stand up for Tom Brown who is also a citizen with a complaint and a voice for the voter. No one else does it so I stand behind Tom Brown. Tom Brown did nothing wrong by speaking up for us. The Mayor and the two others, were elected to speak up for us. Did they? No they didnt. It is shameful what the Mayor(& two others) did. Its a clear violation to the citizens of El Paso, Tx.

I am so tired of this circus show. How about we have an election to get Brown, Caballero and Leeds exiled from El Paso? They are making a mockery of our wonderful city.

There were several retired City employees that stood to lose benefits that I believed that they worked for and deserved. The wording was so poorly written that they would have been considered innocent bystanders that just happened to be in the crosshairs.

I guess people don't stop to ask how often Theresa Caballero has wasted taxpayers money by constantly going after anyone that is associated with the City of El Paso. Remember when she represented that young lady that had accused a pair of Police Officers of rape. Turns out her client lied about the whole thing. I am not here to back up our City Council because they have been known to make some very poor decisions, but in this case i applaud them for doing the right thing.

Years ago in California when the father of the current governor was running for office there was a bumper sicker out that said "if it's brown, flush it!" Might that apply to this nonsense also?

King Cook and his Naves, will do all they can o drag this out,and yes who is paying for their Legal cost???

I am sorry to tell you this but as Leeds quoted "we elected you to be representatives of the people and not to be a king or a God," then what do you think you are doing? I am sorry but I am no one to judge, but in my opinion this is what is going on here.We as a community should not be resorting to childish ways.

Ch. 9 NEWS Tip: do story on how much it will cost taxpayers when HETEROsexual city employees demand benefits for their boy & girl friends right after homosexual city employees get benefits.

No need to publish this, it's just a story idea.

DesertDave = taxpayer

The WILL OF THE PEOPLE should not be ignored. The people spoke and the power mongering politicians ignored us. THAT is what this is truly about. Not gay rights, not republicans, not democrats..THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE. If John Cook truly wants the best for the people of El Paso, then he would resign and save us the money for yet another election. Cook said the election process is "sacred" so now he decides WHEN it is sacred. Who died and left him God?

John Cook, do what is right & RESIGN

The only schmuck here is Pastor Brown. He is an awful person and it is a true shame he finds support in the community. It is heart breaking that his form of discrimination finds so much support along all racial and ethnic lines. It seems that hating us is the last safe haven for these lunatics. God Bless Susie and Mayor Cook.

Why were they taken away to begin with. Doesnt everyone who works and pays taxes deserve equal treatment. Who is to pass judgement on unmarried or gay employees. We live in the United States where we are free to be. Can someone please explain to me why these benefits are such a big deal to this Pastor. I recently visited his website and poked around. How can he sleep at night when he is so self-righteous.I pray for him and hope that he will open his eyes to Gods truth. God loves us all.

This pastor is insane. He needs to learn the true message of Christianity: Love everyone. It IS a gay rights issue. I like that you claim it is not. It never is a "racial" thing; it never is a "gay thing." Oh yeah, some of my best friends are black/gay... the same hate filled rant packaged in pretty colors. The pastor scares me and he needs to fade away along with all the others crazies who support his ugly message.

I guess you have never been discriminated against, denied jobs, a home, all the things that heterosexuals take for granted. Then one more voice echoes with its hate-filled message: I don't deserve what everyone gets automatically. What Susie Byrd and Mayor Cook really did is to stand up to bigotry. You can mess with the labels, hide behind "...the will of the voters..." but what these right wing groups do is use the name of a good man, Jesus, to hide behind their bigotry.

Its been a gay rights issue from the very beginning. But Brown turned it to a voter right, freedom of speech issue to save face.

I am so glad this pastor has stepped up and said why did our votes not count? We put these elected officials in office and this is how they speak for us by throwing out our vote? Hello El Paso...wake up! Not to mention homosexuality is perversion and confusion. Stop leaving the natural use of what you were created to be. I do not go to this church but i do know God and being gay is not in His will.

The city should have never put the benefits for domestic partners on the ballot in the first place.
They should have just stayed silent about it and continue business as usual, but now they awaken a hornets nest with over riding the voters will.
And thats where people like pastor Tom Brown and Teresa Caballero step into the spotlight contest.

I disagree with his stance on homosexuality but hes right that this particular city council has been totally deaf and petty with anyone who disagrees with its agenda! O'rourke,Byrd, Wilson,Ortega and the mayor have acted like a "gang" in this city and totally usurped power! I was against their use of eminent domain and "revitalization" plans and this is our chance to oust them. We must join together to teach them who really runs El Paso even if they don't like it!!

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