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Friday, October 17, 2014 - 11:31am

Toddler Death in Socorro, Child Rescued in El Paso


POSTED: Saturday, August 28, 2010 - 10:46pm

UPDATED: Friday, October 29, 2010 - 3:11am

SOCORRO - A toddler is dead tonight, and the child's father has been arrested.

Police we're called to a trailer park in 11400 block of Alameda on Friday night. That's where they found a 2-year old unresponsive after being left inside a car. The sheriff's office was called in to investigate, and they arrested 25-year-old Emmanuel Armendariz for leaving the 2-year old in the car.

And in El Paso, another child was left in a hot truck on Friday. Investigators arrested Blanca Bonilla for leaving a 1-year old in a hot truck with the windows rolled up. El Paso police rescued the child, but say the 1-year old was sweating inside.

And yet another case of child endangerment, this time in El Paso County. The Sheriff's Office says Erika Esparza threw her baby at her husband in front of a Sheriff's Deputy during a fight. It happened in the 600 block of Cascada. They say she also punched the deputy and bit his hand when he tried to arrest her. The child and the deputy are okay.

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You know the sad part about all of this is the response time CPS shows. Unfortunately, they seem to not be following protocol as they should. So many new cases have been surfacing, and I'm begining to wonder if it is due to all the media's attention. An excuse CPS might use, "We have so many reports and so many cases." My response to this is, "HIRE MORE PERSONEL, THIS IS A LIFE AND DEATH SITUATION! YOUR MONEY CAN BE REPLACED BUT THE INNOCENT LIFE OF A CHILD CAN NEVER BE REPLACED!" ;(

Some people clearly aren't ready to be parents or human beings for that matter.

This is so sad! & just think... there is one more poor baby who is caught up in the middle of this mess! It angers us so much to see these poor babies being hurt & even more because it is being done by the very people who are supposed to care for them the most!!!

okay....what in the world?!!! People are just plain stupid now a days. As for the female leaving her child in a hot truck to be "engaged with another" is.....well I can't use that kind of language in here. I am so sick and tired of all these violent, horrible crimes against children. Poor, helpless, defenseless children. I hope you rot in your cell.....

WTF? Makes you wonder how many other children are endangered and never reported. Too many want to turn a blind eye. It is unfortunate for those who cannot defend themselves. The smallest victims. Mother is God in the eyes and ears of children.

Is it a full moon? People have lost their minds in El Paso. Leaving a child in a hot car? Going to meet some one and the child your watching is in your truck while you do what? And to top it off throwing your infant because your mad? Time for prayer in El Paso folks.

I think it's time to not only pray but,stop this cockroaches from breeding.Anybody that has that little common sense shouldn't be allowed to have children.Why?Because the kids are the ones that pay the price.Then they'll just go to jail and be a waste of tax payers money.I SAY DO TO THEM WHAT THEY DID TO THOSE INNOCENT KIDS.That way there's no room for error.Enough is enough.

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