Tips for driving in snow and ice

Tips for driving in snow and ice
Wednesday, January 2, 2013 - 8:54pm

With snowy or icy weather coming to the Borderland an average of only one or two times a year, it's 'snow' surprise people don't know all of the rules for safe snow driving.
We got some foul weather driving tips from a tire expert.

Foul weather driving is a lot like knitting a sweater or changing a tire, if you've never done it before, there are a lot of places you could mess up.

Cesar Vargas is back from college on winter break.
You could say winter is his favorite season.

"There's nothing I dislike," Vargas said. "I love Winter in general. I love sweaters and warming up from the cold and just watching snow and playing in it".

He's lived in El Paso for half of his life and his snow and ice driving skills are questionable.

"I've never driven in snow," Vargas said. "I've experienced it here in El Paso but my parents never let me drive in it since I've had my license "

That doesn't mean he doesn't know some of the rules.

"Definitely drive slower," said Vargas. "I've heard that if you start to spin out turn in the direction of the spin. Don't try to correct for it"

Vincente Macias is an assistant manager at Discount Tires.
He says most people in the Borderland are like Cesar.

"We're not used to that [kind of] driving," Macias said. "We don't get much snow here".

Macias's main tips:
Drive slowly
Leave plenty of room to stop
Steer into the turn, if you lose control
Never use breaks, if you lose control
Check air pressure on tire regularly (especially before bad weather)
Use low gears

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