Three pharmacy break-ins occur all over El Paso


POSTED: Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 5:02pm

UPDATED: Friday, February 1, 2013 - 10:28am

2 suspects in custody

Three separate break-ins occur within just hours of each other early Thursday morning.

Police say the first break in happened at Grace Pharmacy at La Quinta Place in the East side.

The third at McCrory's in West El Paso, and the second one - happened at Alameda Pharmacy in South El Paso, about a 20 minute drive from the first break in.

"Apparently they broke into our store for the second time. When was the first time? First time was two months ago, the people were looking for controlled substances," Mark Estrada, the owner of the Alameda Pharmacy said.

He says the burglars stole cash the first time around and this time they stole controlled substances.

"They probably took an excess of maybe $15,000 of controlled drugs... the ones that are really hot right now oxycontin, vicodins, what not," Estrada explained.

Police say tactical units along with their Narcotics unit helped to track down two individuals believed to be involved in the thefts. They're now in custody, awaiting charges.

"The controlled substances are the real problem. Something needs to be done about these controlled drugs," he said.

In fact, the FDA has been discussing whether or not to place tighter control on Vicodin. Experts say Vicodin is a strong pain killer that is highly addictive and widely abused, and in a lot of cases, caused death.

"They need to change the control status of the medications or better yet, not even make them. Which may sound a little weird coming from a pharmacy owner, but that stuff is poison," Estrada said.

For now, it's back to business and the hope that something may change.

"It's an epidemic with these medications, the abuse with the doctors and patients and it's a real vicious circle that has no real end," Estrada exclaimed.

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I think Mr. Estradas comments were very irresposible as a phamacist dedicated to help those that are in constant chronic pain and are condemed to take these class A, B, C etc. medications for the rest of their lives. To say to get rid of them completey was a blow to the millions of people that are prescribed these medications by quaility Pain Clinics. Why were those medications at your pharmacy so easy to steel? Ever hear of a safe?

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