Thousands Take Part In El Paso Marathon


POSTED: Sunday, March 6, 2011 - 10:24pm

UPDATED: Monday, March 7, 2011 - 10:59pm

EL PASO – Thousands of runners hit the pavement this morning to take part in the city's fifth annual marathon.

Participants pounded the streets of El Paso to compete in either the 5K, half, or full marathon.

Ronnie Hoppe won the marathon. The 26.2 mile race took him just under three hours to complete.

“I won the race today...the time was two hours and 54 was a nice race...fantastic because of the good weather conditions,” said Hoppe.

Fernie Gonzalez was among those who ran the half marathon. He said although it was challenging, he had to keep going.

“[The] first four and a half miles are fairly challenging. They're pretty uphill for the majority of the race,” stated Gonzalez.

Others who took part in the event, said it was inspiring to see so many people participating.

“I saw a guy with a prosthetic leg running the half marathon...a guy in a wheelchair. I mean, it's so just makes me want to do so much more,” said Karina Judina, who ran the 5K race.

The event is put on by the nonprofit, El Paso Marathon Foundation.

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was a beautifull race I ran the full marathon,was my first marathon the experience was amazing,the first miles were a challenger,the water station were fantastic always given support to the runners I am very happy to completed my goal. for sure I will be there next year. thanks for all

Antonio from Juarez mexico

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