Thousands of Mexican shoppers filled El Paso’s Downtown

Thousands of Mexican shoppers filled El Paso’s Downtown

POSTED: Sunday, December 15, 2013 - 4:05pm

UPDATED: Monday, December 16, 2013 - 7:36am

It was a busy morning for hundreds of local stores and businesses in Downtown El Paso, people from Chihuahua, Torreon, Ciudad Juarez and even Mexico City spent their day doing some last minute holiday shopping.

Experts say a big part of El Paso’s economy relies on our area's proximity to Mexico and the number of visitors that come here to shop and fortunately, those numbers sky-rocket during the holiday season.

"To be honest there are a lot of people we're just taking advantage and saving money because we're in the last weeks of Christmas," Torreon resident Aracely Luna said.

"Paso Del Norte without Ciudad Juarez cannot survive and south of the border without El Paso cannot survive its simple as that." El Paso resident Acsención Reza said.

“Max 2” store business owner Gustavo Tavera said attracting this type of crowd is vital to keeping sales healthy and so far the numbers are up from last year.

"We've actually been having an excellent week it's been looking good for the last ten days we really appreciate it we know they have a lot of choices now that they could buy on eBay or other places," Tavera said.

"The sales are super good as far as I have seen from Monday to Saturday there's a lot of people around here to buy whatever they need they're coming from Chihuahua, Mexico City you name it," Reza added.

According to the city of El Paso, Mexican nationals who shop here single-handedly generate 1.6 billion dollars.

But for Humberto Cisneros shopping on the American side of the border represents big-time savings.

"There's more quality here and it's also very affordable we save all year to buy things that will last us all year round." Chihuahua resident Humberto Cisneros said.

The Paso Del Norte, Bridge of the Americas and the Ysleta ports of entry were also inundated by thousands of people that waited for more than 2 hours to cross either by foot or in their cars.

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