Thousands March in Austin Against Proposed Budget Cuts That Could Cost The Jobs of 100,000 Teachers

Thousands March in Austin Against Proposed Budget Cuts That Could Cost The Jobs of 100,000 Teachers

POSTED: Monday, March 14, 2011 - 3:46pm

UPDATED: Thursday, March 17, 2011 - 8:36am

AUSTIN— Thousands of people marched on the state capitol Monday, as they protested the proposed cuts to school funding.

Teachers, parents, and students marched in protest to a budget plan by state lawmakers that includes nearly $9 million in cuts to Texas schools statewide. The cuts are forcing many districts to lay-off employees or shut down school campuses.

Some of the protestors carried umbrellas to show their support to tap into the state's “rainy day fund” to help schools.

Monday was The Lobby Day and Rally and is held every other year by the American Federation of Teachers, a teacher's union that represents 65,000 teachers statewide.

On March 10, Governor Rick Perry blamed government spending and legislation as causes that bankrupt states, causing Texas districts to consider laying off teachers statewide.

An estimated 100,000 teachers could be fired statewide.

The state provides 37 percent of funding for public schools, with the rest of the funding coming from local property taxes.

Perry suggested for school districts to look into the growth in their administration to trim their budgets.

“Over the course of the last decade, we have seen an extraordinary amount of non-class room employees added to school roles,” said Gov. Perry. “So, are the administrators in the school boards going to make an effort to reduce those? Or are they going to make a decision to reduce the number of teachers in the classroom? I certainly know what I would want. I think the non-teaching group would be the first place that I would look if there were reductions to be made."

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Do not know what teachers are complaining Oh! the fact that they will no longer have a 2 hour break or summers off Solution don't over crowed classrooms. Have teachers teach during their conference time and prep time that will allow for 40 students. Have teachers do their preparation before hand workshops and staff development during spring break, winter break, or the summer since they are the only profession who gets 63 days off that is why they are complaining now they are being asked to work

The teachers are marching again. Why don't they just teach correctly and shut up?

I would love to know which non-classroom employees Gov. Perry feels are disposable. Even with every staff person at our school, we struggle to meet student needs.

Who does he think should be fired? ELL/SPED assistants? Librarians? Campus police officers? Coaches? Counselors? Maintenance Personnel? Nurses?

It would be much easier to support Gov. Perry's proposal if he were very specific. If there is someone at our school being paid to organize paperclips, I would like to know

Yet again you don't look at illegal un-documented children that are in the school system that are taking up resources from the schools budget.

Taxes still pay for those fundings and going just after non-class room personel isn't the only choice to free up money.

Stop dancing around the issue and do whats right to the children that belong to this country first.

You can't keep up a blind eye to this issue.

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