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Thieves target women at gas pumps

Thieves target women at gas pumps

POSTED: Thursday, August 8, 2013 - 8:35am

UPDATED: Thursday, August 8, 2013 - 9:08am

There's a new reason to keep a closer eye on your purse, especially at the gas pump. You may be the target of a thief.

They will pull up next to cars while a woman focuses on pumping gas. The man will open the passenger door and grab her purse. The crime takes just a few seconds.

"You think that you're safe because you're standing right next to your bag," said Georgina Perez. "It's scary, it's scary."

Olga McCall said she's heard about it happening in El Paso.

"I heard it before in Northeast and I think it's very dangerous especially if you've got children," said McCall. "You don't feel safe."

Perez said it's hard but women need to be vigilant.

"I don't think that inherently everybody is bad and everybody who comes near you is going to do something bad so that makes it much easier for the thieves to get away with stuff," said Perez.

Now, these women said they'll do things differently at the pump and others should do the same.

"When you go out, look who's around you and be cautious," said McCall.

"Put gas, lock the doors and leave the windows a little open and in and out as quickly as possible," said Perez.

Police said these burglaries can be stopped by keeping your purse out of sight or taking your purse with you when you pump gas and always locking your doors.

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