The Battle's Not Over for El Paso County

The Battle's Not Over for El Paso County

POSTED: Tuesday, January 4, 2011 - 2:34pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, January 4, 2011 - 4:12pm

Last year commissioners faced a tough budget battle, and some commissioners say this year will be no different.

Some items on the chopping block include social services that the county is not state-mandated to fund, but does anyway. Some of these include the Coliseum, parks, shelters, etc.

Tonight at 5, 6 and, 10 we'll talk to conservative commissioner Dan Haggerty on the possibility of raising taxes, and we'll also sit down with the newest member on the commissioner's court, Sergio Lewis.

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So you raise taxes and yet theres how many people from south of the border living in EP that don't pay the same taxes we do.

How about you look into that first before you start raising taxes and properly tax anyone using our streets, schools, and etc.

They don't pay sales tax, state tax, social, medicare, state inspections, and or TX license plates even thought they have lived here for years.

Wonder how much our state is losing with these freebies they recieve on our dime.

Of course they want to raise taxes? They need make the rich richer and leave the rest for broke! With the tax money I give already they cant seem to fix the dam streets. What are they going to use it for more frekin lights! That drunks seem to run over and threw anyway! What a waste! Raise my taxes, fix my street! Dam streets ruining my car and wheels! What about that! When I have to buy tires and pay taxes on them! This city is going to $%it! Why dont you cut some of your salaries?

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