Thanksgiving Donations Down

POSTED: Wednesday, November 25, 2009 - 3:26pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 17, 2010 - 2:25pm

The sour economy has taken its toll on food bank donations just as they're needed most...

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and millions of unemployed and under-employed Americans will be struggling to put food on the table.

Charities around the country are trying to help even though they've been hit hard by the recession, too.

While donations might be down volunteers are rising to the challenge.

At food banks around the country on this Thanksgiving a new economic indicator, how quickly the shelves are going empty.

Untold numbers of Americans are waiting in long lines for a little help.

"It maybe for one time assistance, but there are still people that you wouldn't normally think of coming to a food bank," said Mike Mannis who works at a food bank in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

With unemployment up over ten percent donations are down and this year even some charities need help.

"20 years ago a 200lb order to the food bank was big and now its a thousand," said food bank volunteer Patricia Pine.

As President Obama pardoned a turkey at the White House he acknowledged these are tough times.

“We give thanks for what we've got, let's also give back to those who are less fortunate,” the President said.

Later the President and his daughters brought a donation to a Washington area food kitchen.

Charities may be running short on food and money but this year, there's been an unexpected bounty of volunteers.

At a Brooklyn soup kitchen, the Saint John's University Basketball team suited up in aprons and hair nets to feed those less fortunate.

And in Orlando, fourteen year old Corey Warner is running a food bank on his own and he's been doing it since he was eleven.

But thanks to this one teen, five 500 families will have a meal and reason to give thanks.

Most food banks receive the bulk of their donations from Thanksgiving through Christmas and they're hoping to end this holiday season on a high note.

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