Texas truck driver detained in Mexico returns to U.S.

Texas truck driver detained in Mexico returns to U.S.
Friday, November 23, 2012 - 8:26pm

The Texas truck driver who entered Juarez carrying a truckload of ammunition is back in the United States.

Jabin Bogan was released from federal prison earlier this month after spending a month in jail in Veracruz Mexico, but just today made it to U.S.. soil.

"It's hard to be away from your family for 7 months and not get a visit, not even a phone call. They treat you bad. I had a lot of hard times but I thank god for bringing me through them," said Bogan.

He finally reunited with his family Friday.

"Something I had never dreamed would happen to us. I'm here to say God is good. I'm glad to have my child back with me," said Aletha Smith, Bogan's mother.

Bogan, a truck driver, was delivering ammunition to a wholesale dealer in Phoenix last April, when he accidentally made a wrong turn on the interstate and tried to turn around, but ended up in Juarez.

"When I crossed over the bridge, I didn't know I was crossing to Mexico until I got over the bridge. They said you gotta check in first. I checked in and they said you got bullets. I said I know. I'm going to Arizona," said Bogan.

Mexican police arrested him and he remained in custody for the last 7 months; first in a federal prison then in the custody of immigration officials. His lawyer Carlos Spector, the City of El Paso and the NAACP worked to bring him back.

"Probably the only time that someone charged with that type of crime unjustly gets out so quickly with such little punishment," said Carlos Spector, Bogan's attorney.

City representative Carl Robinson says making a wrong turn into Mexico can be an easy mistake.

"Someone that don't know the area, that's a problem particularly someone driving a big vehicle," said Robinson.

The President of the NAACP, Harold Howell, said he is elated to see Bogan back in the U.S..

"We didn't think this day would come. We knew it would come some day but we didn't know how soon. From the standpoint of a young man, being with his mother right after Thanksgiving, brings tears to your eyes," said Howell.

Carlos Spector worked closely with a Mexican attorney to negotiate reducing Bogan's charge from trafficking to possession and ultimately freeing him.

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