Texas to Challenge Health Care Bill

Texas to Challenge Health Care Bill

POSTED: Monday, March 22, 2010 - 9:50am

UPDATED: Tuesday, March 23, 2010 - 9:46am

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Attorney General Greg Abbott says Texas and
other states will legally challenge the federal health care
legislation Congress has passed.
Abbott issued a statement late Sunday night after the U.S. House
approved the measure. He said the legislation violates the U.S.
Constitution and unconstitutionally infringes upon Texans'
individual liberties.
The bill passed by Congress is headed to President Barack Obama
for his signature. House members voted 219-212 late Sunday to
approve a health care overhaul that that would extend coverage to
32 million uninsured Americans and make other changes to the
nation's health care system.
Only House Democrats voted for the bill. Abbott is a Republican.
A number of Texas Republicans have been highly critical of the

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THis is just the beginning of the government's hand going into our pocket. I have to work for everything I have or want to have, and now the governmnet will reach into my pocket and take what it wants to give to someone else. If that isn't the beginnings of socialism then I don't know what is! This country was founded on the principle of freedom. We have the opportunity (not the right) to make of this life what we can by the sweat of our brow. That is what makes us different!! Thank God

I am glad our state will challenge this abusive bill from the democrats. I agree that there has to be health care reform but not at my FORCED expense.

This health Care bill is the best thing that has happened to Texas. Thank God that there are people that trully care. My wife has a tumor and she has been in this condition for the last couple of years being denied insurence for her pre existing condition. Friend no one is violating our rights this health care bill might be saving our life. Shame to the Attorney General! for not supporting the life of the poor. Sincerely pastor

Republicans!?@?! They really are the party of "No". How many times are they going to try to push the partisan politics. In order to secure republican rule of the state they redraw district lines. They steal the presidential election TWICE! Now what are they doing? They are pushing a very old issue that was settled during the Civil War. States vs the Federal Government. Get real, you didn't see Democrats doing this kind of stuff while the country suffered through 8 years of Bush.


GIVE ME A BREAK!! You know that this bill is only to get more people in government power.. Open your eyes educated yourself for once in the issues.
This bill will cover lots of american people that live in juarez and they dont even pay taxed... Have you even thought about that!! Maybe when you see your paycheck how little its going to start looking. You will OPEN your eyes...

Oh you are so very uneducated yourself. I can't believe that you would think that this is going to cover non americans. I can't believe people like you have the right to vote. One of the best things that you can do is open your mind to change. One of the major problems with the political system today is that people are afraid of change. Especially republicans, they are the party of do nothing and say no. If it were their idea they'd be screaming about how good this is.

Hey you rich Texas white men running our state, you have no idea how important this is to the middle class and the hard Texas workers. My cousin works for a government funded agency and most of her co-workers have been denied insurance claims because of pre-existing conditions that don't exist. They are left with huge bills becaue their insurance refuses to meet its obligations. Parents and their college students who hit the age of 24 are uninsured!!!! So, leave it alone.

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