Texas Tech Med Students Set To Leave El Paso

Texas Tech Med Students Set To Leave El Paso
Friday, March 16, 2012 - 4:33pm

EL PASO - Imagine holding the fate of your future in an envelope and not being able to open it. That's what medical students across the U.S. and Canada went through today as they waited to find out where they'll be going for residency training.

Texas Tech School of Medicine student Vivian Ebrahim just found out she's been matched to a residency with Cleveland Clinic for Internal Medicine.

"I don't know it feels very surreal. It doesn't feel real at all, and I just can't believe this is happening," she said. "The rest of my life is about to start."

Ebrahim is not alone. In all, 39 senior Texas Tech Medical Students received a sealed envelope with details of their fate today. Following tradition, the students had to wait until 10 o'clock this morning to open their letters. The same time as other medical students across the U.S. and Canada open their letters.

"My heart was racing. It's really nerve racking. It's really exciting at the same time," Obstetrics/Gynecology student Shruti Gohel said.

"Oh my God. I had the knife, the letter opener, in my hand. It's so hard to sit there knowing that your fate for the next four or five years is right in front of you," Neurology student Rajan Gadhia said.

Students will graduate and then start their residencies in July.

"It was a lot for four years. It was quite a bit," Ebrahim said. "It was worth it in the end."

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