Texas Teacher Fired For Assault


POSTED: Thursday, May 13, 2010 - 9:01am

UPDATED: Thursday, February 17, 2011 - 3:55pm

Houston - A teacher has been fired on suspicion of assaulting a student in her classroom.

Cell phone video taken by another student who was in the room shows a science teacher crouching over a 13-year-old student as he cowered in the corner.

Students told school leaders the fight happened after the teacher thought the student was making fun of a mentally challenged girl.

School leaders say no matter what happened, the teacher had no reason to attack the child...

"There is absolutely no excuse to do that to a child. In addition to teaching children, we would have to respect them. What that teacher did was against every principle that this school stands for."

The boy's mother says he sufffered a black eye and other bruises.

She plans to file a complaint against the teacher.

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this was not the right thing to do but we don't know what the child did at all so don't just get at here she may was in the right and he may was in the wrong now if is the other way around she should lose here job i think that the child did something that mad that here set off on him know one in there right mine would do a child like that so now thats why i say that the boy either that boy said something or or he did something to here i don't think that she would just do something like that

Really? There's no excuse for doing that 2 a child. I saw the video and the gestures she was doing straight street. She just snapped. She was wailing on this kid. After reviewing the video the kid was in the corner. She should have stopped there but she did not.and thats where she went wrong. Kids do bad things all the time but its our jobs as adults 2 set the example. In saying that, there are always 2 sides 2 every story. If parents would teach their children some respect then maybe it wouldn

I hope she goes to jail. That behavior is ridiculous. I have no sympathy for the teacher. If the child is acting up, you send the child home. PERIOD. I bet the teacher's family is ashamed of her behavior. If I knew the teacher, I would be ashamed to say I know her.

I don't condone hitting a child, but I can understand why she would. You might want to spend some time in a middle school classroom before you pass judgement. If parents would spend more quality parenting time with children, teachers wouldn't be driven to temporary madness by children without manners or morals.

omg i cnt belive what i just saw but thats good they fired her!!!!!!

There is no excuse for this behavior. I will add that there is no more challenging position in our society today than being a middle school teacher. Listen again - no excuse. But I feel sorry for educators who are not allowed to discipline children, children who are not disciplined at home. I have no idea - but there is a fair chance that this teacher is flat worn out - and maybe with this individual. Eddie says "kick the crap out of her". I say people like Eddie raise kids that cause this

Unfortunate and sad situation...you definitely have to exercise a lot of self control as a person in that position. It certainly remains a respectable profession, props to our educators.

A complaint? Go find her and kick the crap out of her.

I think that the teacher did right. If this kid was acting up and causing a distrubance in the classroom, then the teacher has every right to establish who is in charge and who is not. I be willing to bet that the police have been called to that student's home more than once we that kid went out of control.

As adults we should be teaching by example. There is a much more decent and respectable way to handle difficult situations. We don't know the entire story, however, an adult should never put their hands on a child. I have alot of respect for teachers and I realize how difficult it is in todays society to teach a class. Violence however, is never acceptable. I commend the student who had the courage to catch this disgraceful behavior on video. I would file assault charges, not a complaint.

Are you freakin kidding me ???? Noone has the right to put their hands on any child or another human being! If it was your child would you still feel the same?


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