Texas Re-Districting Maps Thrown Out

Texas Re-Districting Maps Thrown Out

POSTED: Friday, January 20, 2012 - 11:25am

UPDATED: Friday, January 20, 2012 - 5:10pm

EL PASO - A ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court has thrown out court-drawn Texas re-districting maps.

New maps are needed because of the population growth in Texas. The District Court for the Western District of Texas drew them, and they were approved by the states Republican-led legislature. The state gained four new districts, but many people challenged the new maps, claiming they would only benefit Republicans in Texas and hurt the minority vote.

In El Paso, the biggest difference would have been seen with Fort Bliss, because it was split from the current district.

Today the U.S. Supreme Court tossed out the redistricting maps. In the unanimous opinion by the court, justices wrote, "Because it is unclear whether the District Court for the Western District of Texas followed the appropriate standards in drawing interim maps for the 2012 Texas elections, the orders implementing those maps are vacated, and the cases are remanded for further proceedings consistent with this opinion.

The state was waiting on new maps to proceed with elections, including the state's GOP Primary. The new decision still does not provide a green-light for future elections.

Tonight on News Channel 9, we'll tell you what it means for you and the upcoming elections.

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So in reality both the GOP & District Court redistricting maps are out. Additional court proceedings at the district Court for the Western District of Texas as well as whatever appeals develop as a result of those upcoming proceedings are all going to potentailly hold upcoming Texas elctions in limbo. Can't elected politicians just do it right the first time. If you ask me a bunch of politicians are all acting like children. Where is the logic of putting El Paso (or parts of) with San Antonio?

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