Texas Immigration Bill Mirrors Arizona's


POSTED: Monday, November 8, 2010 - 1:36pm

UPDATED: Friday, February 18, 2011 - 9:01am

AUSTIN, TX - Texas might have an Arizona type immigration law on the books after the 2011 legislative session.

That is the hope of State Representative Debbie Riddle (R)-Tomball.

Today was the first day to file bills for the 2011 legislative session and Representative Riddle was first in line to file House Bill 17 with the chief clerk's office.

Riddle says the bill is similar to Arizona's, which would give state and local officers the ability to ask for proof of citizenship and arrest illegal immigrants if warranted.

"I think the people have spoken this last election. They are absolutely sick of political correctness. They are absolutely sick and tired of people disrespecting and disregarding our immigration laws and they are very concerned about the crime regarding the gang related crime."

Representative Riddle also filed eight other house bills including H-B 16 which would require a voter to provide additional identification before they would be allowed to vote.

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I find it hilarious as I read the comments of this thread. I reflect on the obvious differences of opinion, the republicans or conservatives look at it from the legal and economic perspectives and the democrats offer nothing more than accusations of hate, bigotry, racism. What a joke they are. Since they have no legal foot to stand on they must create this empathetic movement of sympathy for the poor, poor illegal.

The sad part of this is that with the republicans on their power trip, and the losing democrats on the rebound, this could be a reality. Im not too suprised if some demos actually vote for it, very curious to see what our west texas legislators have to say about this? keep us posted, and question all our west texas legislators on this important issue, both dem and rep.

No sad part to this. Just common sense. You don't want people breaking into your house, you make laws to keep them out. Simple.

Still trying to figure out why everyone is still trying to play the race card. Its simple numbers. If a particular race makes up the majority of illegal immigrants, of course your gonna see and hear about more cases involving that race and in this situation its from south of the border.

Its not all about you its about all illegal immigrants. Stop and think for yourself and not follow what tripe LULAC/parties are feeding you.

You break the law you should be punished.

The law is the law! It is not time to enforce it.

Excellent! Finally some representatives with common sense and bravery.

This old fart looked like she was chewing on her own cheek when she was uttering those stupid words!!! How much longer are we going to have these outdated, old-fashioned biggots in power??? What was she trying to say?? That all immigrants are gang members??? Didn't they see the negative effects a similar law had in AZ??? They could put up walls, pass unreasonable laws the only thing that's going to accomplish is bringing us together even more!!!!!

Spoken like a real illegal. Go ahead, make us real Americans proud to be Americans from all races. Keep calling us bigots. We will remember that when we vote. The law in AZ is working even after it was handicapped by a judge. It will pass and illegals will be removed. If you did not notice, the people you call biggots just got into power. The laws are reasonable to keep unwanted people away. They want a better life, I can understand it. Let them get it where they come from. Got Green Card dude?

How can this stupid and racist people get in power !

At least you called us people. They got into power because we are right and because we voted them in. And we will keep voting until we secure our borders and minimize you and people like you. Yes and I'm Hispanic. So go ahead, spew your hatred on me too. There are a lot more just like me and yes we vote. It's not about race, it's about right.

YES YES YES YES - What took you so long!!!!!!

Another hardcore conservative trying to use scare tactic, instead of trying finding a real solution to a complicated issue. Amnesty and work visas need to be part of the solution. When you find exactly how many immigrants are here illegally, only than can you deal with solving the problem. Listen to history it will give you the answers.

For all of those Democrats in Texas and especially those in the border cities, who didn't vote in this past election: This is what happens when you don't vote! I blame you (none voters) for allowing these type of rascist bigots to take over our state capital. If you don't believe that they are what I just called them, just wait and read the comments to my comment. Case closed

For the sake of the State and Country we do need to follow through with this effort. All states need to do this.

shut the #$%^ up bigot

I agree its about time.

Also check into people who live here, are required to get state inspections and texas license plates on their foreign vehicles. Or do you not care about emissions/air quality control.You made a big deal about people who have New Mexico license plates living in texas but not people who live here over a year from Mexico. Seems like theres some money missing for our state. We don't get state or sales tax from them already even though they live here.

Its about time!!

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