Texas highest for child deaths in hot cars


POSTED: Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - 8:16pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - 8:51pm

The temperatures have been on the rise over the past few days in the borderland, and if you think it feels hot outside, then imagine sitting inside a car without the air on.

98 kids in Texas have died from heat stroke after being left in cars. It's the highest amount of any state in the country.

El Pasoans saw a sobering reminder last week.

A five-month-old baby, Janay Aliah Ives, died after being left inside a car nearby Riverside High School in the Lower Valley.

While an autopsy has not yet confirmed the exact cause of the baby's death, NewsChannel 9 has confirmed the mother, Wakesha Ives, is a teacher at Riverside High, and left her inside her vehicle for an unknown time.

Some parents find it hard to imagine how anyone could make this mistake, but it's one that's common, says KidsandCars.org Director, Amber Rollins.

"Young parents, they're not getting enough sleep, they have hormone changes, their lives are just completely different than what they were before they had the baby, and things are hectic," she said.

Experts recommend leaving something of value in the back seat, such as a purse or cell phone.

That way, you'll get used to checking the backseat.

Another tip: you can use a stuffed animal as a reminder.

When your child's not with you, keep it in the car seat.

But when your child is traveling with you, keep it in the front seat.

Seeing the stuffed animal can help remind parents of their child in the carseat.

Lastly, make sure your caregiver calls you if your child doesn't show up for daycare.

Even if they're just 10 minutes late, the phone call can also serve as a reminder of your little one left behind.

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