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Testimony Resumes in Marmolejo Murder Trial


POSTED: Thursday, October 14, 2010 - 12:03am

UPDATED: Friday, October 15, 2010 - 11:03am

EL PASO - Testimony has resumed in the David Marmolejo murder trial.

Marmolejo is accused of strangling his mother Gloria to death and of dumping her body in the Santa Teresa desert.

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UPDATE 12:15:  Marmolejo's step-sister and girlfriend Mariah Wilson testified that Marmolejo confessed to killing his mother.

Not only that, she said he detailed how he strangled Gloria Marmolejo.

Wilson also testified that David Marmolejo drove Wilson and the body to Santa Teresa where he dumped the body in the desert.

UPDATE 10:15:

Explosive testimony is Day 8 of the David Marmolejo murder trial.

Marmolejo's step-sister and girlfriend Mariah Wilson took the stand.

After talking about how they began their sexual relationship, Wilson testified about the events surrounding Gloria's death.

Wilson said Marmolejo told her that he killed his mom.

Wilson said he kept saying, "He did it, he did it."

Court took a short break.

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If in doubt have another trial and charge him with having motive. Charge her as well seeing as she says she assisted in disposing of the body.

I see alot of tainted evidence and it looks just circumstantial. Even if it was strong enough to charge him. Show me bruises from his fist as she said it happened then why would he use a belt if she was possibly already possibly knocked out or dead? His girlfriend had a possible motive as well. Juriors need to make the honest wise choice. I dont know anyone in this case as he is suspicious but may not be the murderer. Think about it.

She looks too nervous

I think she set him up; she now has immunity and no one can touch her. Put him on the stand and let him talk. If she was already a suspect and was never locked up she had pleanty of time to get her story together. Blood on the carpet in the bathroom? why not in the tub or in the plumbing system where it may have been washed out. The defense needs to counter question her.

Personally I think he is guilty by way of mistrial.

I mqde an error in my mis trial comment. I meant to say I think he should be declared innocent by way of a mistrial due to the conflicting evidence and testimony. It's possible that she is the murderer and he may be protecting her. We will never know. Juriors have to be certain of their opinion for the verdict because they will have to live with the choice for life; especially seeing as the girlfriends comments were conflicting and she waited so long to protect herself with immunity.

you can't convict one and let the other go free and move on with making a new family. Think about it; he and she may have had motive but the evidence just is not strong enough to convince that he did it. Any recordings of conversations? If she says he did it then why didnt the prosecution do a set up with love conversations between the two to hopefully pry it out of him wihh her saying something to trigger a conversation?

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