Terri Jordan Resigns at EPISD

Terri Jordan Resigns at EPISD

POSTED: Friday, December 14, 2012 - 11:32pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, May 1, 2013 - 11:07am

The former interim superintendent of the El Paso Independent School District has resigned.

Terri Jordan, who was Lorenzo Garcia's chief of staff while he was superintendent, gave in her resignation Friday to district leaders.

It will take effect next week on Dec. 21.

She's the latest of a handful of resignations that include the Bowie High School Principal Jesus Chavez and Assistant Principal Johnnie Vega.

Jordan took over as an interim superintendent once Garcia resigned following his indictment in federal charges.

NewsChannel 9 went to her home, where her husband told our reporters Jordan did not do "anything", but that "28 years of her life were ruined because she did not fire anybody."

On Tuesday, the school board will be considering firing, suspending, or not renewing the contracts of a Bowie High Assistant Principal, believed to be Ms. Luisa Kell who is currently on administrative leave, and the Associate Superintendent of Secondary Schools James Anderson.

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What ruined Jordan's reputation was her association with Garcia. It is still unclear if she was one of his willing co-horts but one thing is clear and that is that if she did not know THEN SHE SHOULD OF KNOWN and then she should of immediately notified the authorities of what Garcia was up to. She is either incompetent or a co-hort and to continue to claim complete innocence is what is ruining her reputation.

As a former employee of the EPISD. I can tell you that she is GUILTY and knew exactly what was going on. She was Garcia's right hand woman and took orders from him. She should be investigated by the FBI. Funny that she decided to resign all of a sudden. If she was innocent she should have hired an attorney and fight to keep her job. That is what most people would do if they were innocent. In the words of ESPN's NFL commentator Keyshawn Johnson "C'mon Man." She knew exactly what was going on!

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