Teen Suicide or Suicidal Behavior on the Rise

Teen Suicide or Suicidal Behavior on the Rise

POSTED: Monday, February 20, 2012 - 5:31pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 29, 2012 - 4:25pm

Report Airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. on Newschannel 9

EL PASO - How often do you hear about teen suicide? We usually don't hear or even speak about it, until it affects us or someone we know. However, local experts say it's a dangerous trend that's on the rise.

More teens are turning to the medicine cabinet or illegal drugs for a way out out of their problems.

Tomorrow night at 10 p.m., hear from teens, a counselor and a mental health expert on the disturbing issue, and what we can do to prevent more people from taking their own lives.

"They commit suicide, often, under the influence of some sort of drug," said psychologist Dr. Carlos Perlasca.

Catch the full report tomorrow night at 10, on Newschannel 9.

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I believe suicidal thoughts are due to great voids in life, an absence of God is the main reason. Young adults are easily influenced by todays society which is negative everywhere we turn. Todays tv, video games, music etc are major causes of the sins we live. Blind to see the positives & joys of life. The weak minded are over come with suicide as the answer to escape lifes bumps. Weak minds give up the willingness to move forward & solve issuses. SAD!

just reading everyone post is sad. HELLO there is a reason why teeens are doing this. Instead of ASSUMING why they are commiting suicide why dont we ask or find out what the problem is. Yes it is going to get worse because now a days we dont talk to each other . So how would we know whats going on. Facebook cant show you inside a trouble person.

If you desire to trust Jesus Christ as your Savior, speak these words in your heart to God: “God, I need you in my life. Please forgive me for all that I have done. I place my faith in Jesus Christ and believe that He is my Savior. Please cleanse me, heal me, and restore my joy in life. Thank You for Your love for me and for Jesus' death on my behalf.”

I am no expert, but a lot of the people I have know to be with suicidal thoughts are and have been either alcoholics or drug addicts, who have come to the conclusion that their life is going nowhere. I wish a study was made to see if their is a correlation between an addiction and suicide thoughts. Addiction is definately not the only factor involved however it would be on eof many places to start.

Its only gonna get worse. God's been kicked out of everywhere but church. And even then, who knows what God some of these churches are serving. We think its dangerous when someone stands up to our mayor, or city council and tries to fight for morality. We laugh and mock people who believe in Biblical values. Well, this is what happens when God is missing in our society. People have a void and dont know how to fill it. We're telling these kids that what they do is normal and part of life. SMH

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