Teaching Jobs Few and Far Between

Teaching Jobs Few and Far Between

POSTED: Friday, April 15, 2011 - 12:25pm

UPDATED: Friday, April 15, 2011 - 4:36pm

EL PASO – School districts all over the Borderland are resorting to hiring freezes or layoffs to stay out of the red.

“It's frustrating to know no one is hiring,” said Denise Estrada, who graduated from UTEP recently.

She was just one of hundreds of candidates who showed up to a job fair at the Don Haskins Center today, hoping to land a teaching job. But that's not easy, considering cash strapped districts around the Borderland aren't hiring.

"It's sad because feel like I went into the wrong career," said Osvoldo Morales, who graduated from UTEP in December.

Representatives with about 35 school districts from across the country were here for UTEP's annual teacher job fair. Many candidates who attended were either seniors at UTEP or recent grads, just trying to get their foot through the classroom door. Some said the job fair wasn't what they expected.

"Everyone's very smiley faced as they're telling you, 'Sorry we're not hiring right now please go online and turn in your application. Hopefully by June or July something will open,'” said Susane Salazar, who will graduate in May.

But while some districts at the job fair weren't hiring, others were.

"We're looking for a bilingual candidate who possesses the skills to be successful in Alexandria. We are a growing thriving division,” said Scott Elchenko, an assistant principal with Alexandria City Public Schools in Virginia.

His district is hiring across the board.

“We have not been in a situation where we've had to release teachers. We are in the opposite position where we are hiring candidates," he said.

But that means some UTEP grads may be forced to move to where the teaching jobs are, even if they'd rather stay in El Paso.

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I have issues with the quote, 'Sorry we're not hiring right now please go online and turn in your application. Hopefully by June or July something will open,'. This statement was used at the job fair in 2007 when districts were hiring. It was discouraging back then, but once you become a teacher you realize that districts don't hire new teachers until July/August. It is still too early in the year for schools to even know what positions (if any)they will have available, even without budget cuts.

Another example as to why our Workforce and Economic Development leaders are useless. They push people to obatin a teaching certification (through state funded programs) when the jobs are not even there. In the mean time people have waisted their time and energy and the tuition costs are transfered to the tax payer. MAJOR FAIL!!


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