TEA Recommendations for EPISD

TEA Recommendations for EPISD
Thursday, October 4, 2012 - 9:19pm

EL PASO — For the first time, we're seeing what the Texas Education Agency recommends El Paso Independent School District do to get it's act together.
The monitor says both the public and employees at EPISD said there's "weak staff" in key positions.
She hopes with an internal auditor and confidence in district leaders, the district can turn itself around.

Her job, since being appointed, was to watch board meetings and interview district leaders, to find out what's troubling EPISD.
This after a standardized test cheating scandal involving former superintendent Lorenzo Garcia.

Judy Castleberry, appointed by TEA two months ago, says there's a lack of confidence in district leaders.

"There's clearly work to be done in the district and you know most of the people I've talked to want to be part of the solution," Castleberry said.

In her report, Castleberry says most of the staff she interviewed didn't have confidence in their leaders.
She says they will have to show strong leadership at the board and adminstrative levels to regain that confidence and that means making more information public

"It's about letting the public know how you do your business I think that's a move in the right direction," Castleberry said.

She recommended more details be placed on the agenda in a more timely manner.

"In general, I think that move to make more information available to the community is a very positive thing to do," she said.

As the district works on Castleberry's recommendations, she thinks they're headed in the right direction and they have the right additude.

"They're willing to work hard and clean up the problems that are there and regain the respect and integrity in the district," Castleberry said.

A report for September is pending review from the TEA. That report could be released as soon as next week.


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