Take a Hike From Work to Boost Brain Power

Take a Hike From Work to Boost Brain Power
Tuesday, October 2, 2012 - 5:55pm

Feeling unproductive at work? It might be time to take a hike!

A new study suggests spending time outdoors just might be that brain boost you need.

You get away from it all. The computers, cell phones and digital toys that consume our lives. But if taking the time to soak in the views and breathe that fresh air isn't reason enough for you to hit the trail, new research shows that being one with nature not only recharges your batteries. It can also boost your brain power.

"The benefits are there, that's from a scientific perspective," said Dr. David Strayer. "We found a 50% boost in creativity for the people who had been hiking for four days." 

Dr. Strayer says the part of our brain that controls creativity also controls our ability to multi-task, retain information and solve problems.

Being back in nature, away from the digital world  gives your brain a break. 

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