Suspect's Family Frustrated After Officer-Involved Shooting


POSTED: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 - 4:27pm

UPDATED: Monday, July 11, 2011 - 12:13am

EL PASO - We are asking more questions about a man shot and wounded by El Paso Police.

Del Sol Medical Center says Hector Piedra isn't in their facility but police say he is. Piedra's attorneys say police aren't allowing them to see their client. And Piedra's family claims he didn't even own a gun.

"He's a good man, you know, like, he's always at work, with his wife and kids," said Hector's sister, Nubia Piedra. She says she just wants to know how her brother's doing. She and her family have been waiting in the heat every day waiting for answers.

"My dad's 87, my mom's 79, and we've been out here since that day since 5 in the morning and they haven't even given us how he's doing," she said.

Police say a domestic disturbance call sent them to Hector's house early Saturday morning. Officers say Hector drove up, crashed into a police unit and pointed a handgun at officers. But Nubia claims Hector doesn't own a gun. But he does have a broken finger that he can't move.

"We think that they got confused because he has a broken finger," she said, gesturing to show us what she meant.

The officers, Antonio Licerio, a three-year veteran, and Keenan Greseth, a one-year veteran, shot Piedra in the stomach and thigh.

Police records show Licerio has one complaint filed against him - an accident in a marked vehicle. Greseth doesn't have any sustained complaints.

Police say Hector was taken to Del Sol Medical Center but Del Sol says Hector's not in their facility.

To top it all off, Piedra's attorneys say they aren't even allowed to see their client. They're busy filing a motion with the court, saying this violates Piedra's rights to counsel.

"They know it wasn't the right thing to do," Nubia said.

Hector's wife says she doesn't want to press any family violence charges. Assuming he can be found, police say Hector will be charged with evading arrest and assaulting a public servant once he recovers.

In the meantime, Nubia and her family will continue to wait in the scorching sun, wondering where Hector is and how he's doing.

"We don't want to leave until we get an answer," she said.

Police got back to us a short time ago and said Hector is, in fact, currently in the Intensive Care Unit at Del Sol. They said an officer is assigned to watch over him since he is in custody, and that the family can call the hospital for his condition. But, as we reported, the hospital claims they have no record of Hector being a patient there. Police say Hector is stable right now.

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Dudes and Dudettes, get a grip on yourselves!! lets let time take over, and the Payasos Police Dept do their explaining on to who, why, when, how and all these questions keystone wanna be cops do in their investigation. But for Gods sake, if the Payasos PD show up on your doorstep to investigate a domestic violence call in the middle of the night, the only thing you should be pointing is your nose straight at them and nothing else. did he have a gun?? did he own a gun?? was his finger a gun??

Bottom line is, you don't have to worry about the Drug Cartels hauling you off anymore. You just wait for EPPD to show up to your door to kidnap you.

Please question City Manager Joyce Wilson as to why the police are harassing and illegally threatening the laywers.

Please ask Joyce Wilson where the accused is. She is responsible for his whereabouts.

Please aks Joyce Wilson why they are keeping the accused fomr his lawyers. They are entitled to talk to him.

Wow, this sounds like something from "The Wild, Wild West". My only question is, Why can't his family and attorney talk to him? It's already been made clear he has committed a crime and will be detained as soon as he is release from the Hospital. I'm sure if he was conscious the Police read him the miranda rights. If the Police don't allow counsel, the case may be thrown out the court. So Piedra family, make sure you document everything. Time,dates,who,when,why,where. Carry a recorder with you

talking from experience are we?? they did let him talk to counsel , stop spreading rumors

Since he hasn't technically been charged then no rights are being violated.

If he hasn't been charged they have no reason to keep him under guard and away from his family, also illegal. Either way, they are breaking numerous laws.

funny how i didnt come out any where in the video.



Thank you, & God bless you!

whatever dude....the cops are the victims..

Haha, the only thing cops are victims of is their own life choices. The cops keeping him away from an attorney or his family, especially if they haven't charged him, are acting outside the law and are hence criminals themselves, meaning their authority as Law officers is mooted and only enforceable at the point of a gun. Just like any other mafia.

A victim? Are you kidding? HE ATTACKED THE POLICE. They were justified in their actions. Get a grip on reality.

You don't need to thank me mija, YOUR DAD IS A GOOD MAN...

If he's a good man then there wouldn't have been a call for the police to come for domestic violence. He wouldn't have ran from the police, and he wouldn't have driven his car into a police car. Good men are law abiding citizens.

It is interesting how this type of thing develops into "he is a good man" syndrome. I don't think the police went over to that house just because they were bored, you think?

OMG - the twisted mentality of some folks in this town is friggin crazy!

I may be armed too - legally, by the way - but I sure as hell ain't pointing my gun at the police.
You sound like you think the cops should just ask folks politely "please don't shoot me".

Get a grip.

... and get a JOB too, by the way - I'm tired of supporting deadbeats like YOU.

Yeah, CB.... YOU

Typical cowardly over reaction from the EPPD. When is this town going to wake up and get rid of this low life organization?

Until something is done about our Police Department, I will always be armed.

Do you know how ignorant this makes you sound? He ran his car into a police car, fleeing the scene of a domestic disturbance.

shut up stupid..your the lowlife...our PD is one of the best and they were justified in shooting,,,you need to get out of town quickly ..what do you do for a living? probably nothing living on welfare...

clearly, this is a difficult time for this family, and any decent person would feel empathy for them.
But if they think that the police department is supposed to allow people to point guns at them without protecting themselves, they need to get real. And just because they think, (or wish to think) that Hector doesn't own a gun, does NOT mean that he didn't point a gun at the cops that night.
Folks who don't take responsibility are always moving backwards.
rant over.

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