Suspect In Officer-Involved Shooting Bonds Out of Jail

Friday, July 8, 2011 - 9:08am

EL PASO - The man wounded by police gunfire last week is now out of jail.

Police say Hector Piedra pointed a gun at officers during a domestic disturbance call on June 25th. Officers responded by shooting him in the stomach and thigh.

Piedra's attorneys say his injuries are so severe that he never should have been taken out of Del Sol Medical Center and sent to the county jail.

Piedra posted bond last night and his family took him directly back to the hospital for treatment of his gunshot wounds.

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Ok so now let's year from his family saying what an awesome person he is and that he would NEVER do anything like that!

Am glad this man is out!
he is to hurt to be in the county jail.
& am also glad he has been taken to a hospital.
i am glad and care so much cause this man is my uncle(:

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