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Suspect Identified in Deadly Officer-Involved Shooting

Suspect Identified in Deadly Officer-Involved Shooting

POSTED: Tuesday, June 19, 2012 - 2:40pm

UPDATED: Thursday, June 21, 2012 - 1:57pm

Police have identified the man who was shot to death after attacking an officer with a knife last week. His name was Bernardo Gutierrez-Morales, a 56-year-old man that was homeless since absconding from a Horizon half-way house in August of 2011. Morales was a resident of the half-way house as part of his parole for a Sexual Assault conviction

Gutierrez-Morales was said to be a criminal suspect and displayed a knife in a threatening manner, which led to the deadly shooting. It happened on Alameda near Ysleta High school.  The officer involved is said to be a 12-year-veteran and is currently on administrative leave.

The investigation continues and no further details are being released at this time. 

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EPPD is not well trained. They are always shooting people for any reason and always have an excuse.

They need better training and more common sense.

hmmmm.....a knife coming at you. shoot to live or shoot to kill?

This is another incident where a cop's first option is to shoot one with a lesser weapon. I have to assume this is part of their training and overall mindset of the entire department. The EPPD has already shown that integrity is not a part of their culture and now I am beginning to believe that they place little value on someone not in their circle. I do not blame the guy that killed the thief nor do I feel sorry for the criminal. I am more concerned when the cops begin to turn on all of us.

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