Susan G. Komen's Race for the Cure Registrations Up Despite Controversy

Tuesday, February 14, 2012 - 7:40pm

EL PASO- After a national controversy this month, the Susan G. Komen Foundation is about to hold its next Race for the Cure here in El Paso.
The Susan G. Komen Foundation recently stopped donating to Planned Parenthood because, among its other services, Planned Parenthood arranges for abortions.
The Komen Foundation has now changed its mind and once again supports Planned Parenthood, though it doesn't want the money to go toward abortions. All eyes are on El Paso as the host city for the next Race for the Cure.

"We expect at least 15,000 this year and we always get a lot of people that bring an extra person. So we may have 20-25 thousand people coming out to Cohen stadium,” said John Payne, the event coordinator for the Susan G. Komen El Paso Affiliate. NewsChannel Nine asked whether the recent controversy involving Planned Parenthood will affect Sunday's event. Some El Pasoans are voicing their disapproval of the Komen Foundation and using social network sites to ask people not to race. So far the registration numbers are holding strong.

"Here in El Paso, there is no Planned Parenthood so it didn't really affect us as it did maybe some other affiliates. You know really right now we're focusing on the race and trying to get that all planned,” said Payne.

We spoke to former El Paso Mayor Susie Azar, who brought the first race here to El Paso 20 years ago.

"There's a lot of very influential, powerful men who would like to not allow women to have a choice and unfortunately that is not the political struggle of Susan G. Komen. To stay on focus I think they backed away from the political controversy," said Azar.

"Planned Parenthood is an excellent organization I support it and I don't see where the problem is but I can understand the politics because I've been many years in politics," said Azar. She will be racing on Sunday in full support.

We haven't been able to speak to Pro-Life organizations regarding their views on the Komen Foundation or the race it is sponsoring this Sunday. We have asked the Catholic Diocese of El Paso for comments but have not heard back.

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