Survivor of Shooting at Halloween Party Says Friend Died in His Arms


POSTED: Tuesday, November 1, 2011 - 5:36pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, January 31, 2012 - 10:06am

EL PASO – A teenager who survived a shooting that killed his best friend outside of a house party in far East El Paso told NewsChannel 9 what he saw.

The 17-year-old was back at the scene of the deadly shooting Tuesday morning being interviewed by detectives, hours after he was released from the hospital.

A bloody bandage covered a gunshot wound on his left arm. He didn't want us to use his name, or show his face on television, because he worries about his safety.

"He was like a brother to me. I lost a real good friend," he said.

He watched his 19-year-old best friend, Hector Gonzalez, who he calls a brother, die in his arms outside of the house party.

"He was still alive and looking at me. I was telling him to stay with me and he didn't want to. All I want is justice."

Deputies said the teens were at a house party in the 1600 block of Jamin Place when a fight broke out around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday. Someone pulled a gun and started shooting. Our survivor said he heard several loud pops, then felt pain in his arm.

“I was standing right behind my brother. So when I ducked down I heard another shot and then felt my arm stinging bad," he said.

Even though he was shot in the arm, he said he ran to help Gonzalez, who was laying in a pool of blood on the street.

"He got shot in the neck. I took off his shirt to look for the bullet hole and I couldn't find it. That's when another guy came and he found it on the neck.”

Paramedics rushed to the scene, but it was too late. Deputies say Gonzalez died on the street outside the party.
The 17-year-old survivor was rushed to the hospital.

“I was just crying for my brother. I was hoping he was okay, and praying."

Sheriff's deputies haven't made any arrests, or named any suspects. Investigators are trying to figure out who the home belongs to. If you have any information that could help detectives make an arrest, call the El Paso County Sheriff's Office.

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for the idiot who thinks guns are the problem, then: alcohol, knives, pot, the flower pots, the dinning room table, the razor in the bathroom, the cell phone in your hand, the penny on the ground, the car in the driveway, the mace on the woman's keyring, the text book in my backpack, the laptop i am using right now, the rock on the ground, the baseball bat that i have in my closet from when i played ball, and the baseball that goes with it; those can all be used as weapons.

and as i live right down the street from the walmart that the homeless guy killed the 74 yr old man in last night, or the three sexual attacks that have happened at my college in the last month and a half, i can promise you, that given the need to i would turn any thing i had at that moment into a deadly weapon. so for people to blame the gun is wrong, what is wrong are the parents who do not care enough to know where their children are going or what they are doing. that is what kills people.

i grew up in the south, and our parents generally care about us down there. my parents taught me how to use a gun, what a gun is used for, and when to use a gun, they also taught me guns can be used to hurt people, innocent people, and that i needed to be careful. I have owned some kind of gun or another since the time i was 12, and i have never killed anything more than a 6 point buck (that is a dear with antlers for all the people who dont know. it is how a weapon is used that counts. be smart

Any death or injury in this type of manner is completely sinceless. The alcohol and drugs these people partake in are the main root cause of their actions because they know no other way to handle their anger or agressions. El Paso County and City needs more Police Officers on the streets making contacts with citizens of all walks of life to detect and deter crime. Citizens also need to report crime and be involved everywhere in our El Paso. These two things will serve a better ElPaso for us all.

To say guns kill people isa like saying cars make people drive dink.....I have a several firearms....don't blame this one the guns

Mr. or Mrs. mcano . .Guns do have alot to do with so many killings . . it's immature people getting a hold of them and using them just because they are fustrated, upset or just don't get their way. . so yes it does have alot to do with guns in the wrong hands. If it didn't, this young man would be here today. Also read your statements before posting . . . you really don't make alot of sense

Yep it's the guns fault. These guys would NEVER have carried a knife. Or tried to run over the others with a car. Nope, if it wasn't for that bad old gun, I'm sure they would have been holding hands and singing. Not the parents fault either. I mean, once they've survived to the ripe old age of 15, why keep track of where they're at or who they hang out with. If we didn't have guns, we probably wouldn't even need parents! Teenage drinking and driving kills so many more people then guns...

I agree with you whole-heartedly. Even though this death was tragic, it is 'thug-culture' that is to blame, along with the morons who idolize it.

Kill their fellow Americans? Everyone has the right to equal self defense. THAT'S what these five Supreme Court Justices ruled. You have no idea where that gun came from. Just because you don't think anyone has the right to self defense doesn't make it so. Do you really think the cops will be there at the scene if someone tries to kill you or one of your loved ones and save you?
People need to be responsible and keep their guns secure but nothing will stop a criminal that is determined to kill.

So Mike, If the wack job who killed and injured these people had drove a car through the living room and ran over these people instead of shooting them, that would mean what? The DMV is to blame?
The guy who left the car keys unsecure? The manufacturer of the car? If the guy had been drinking, does the government need to outlaw alchohol as well? Let's start with personal responsibility. Setting the example. In our lives and in our children's. Stop blaming the laws and the government for idiots.

On other news sources they have conflicting reports about this killing,I for one dont buy this story about the halloween party as I believe the whole incident and the participants are all guilty by association. According to the father he didn't even know there was party at his house and his daughters claim that at midnight Halloween dwellers just invited themselfs inside the house. They are all gang members is what it more looks like to bad some kid had to die buts thats how they are these days.

Let's all hear for the right of any spendthrift to keep a pistol lying around the home, office or car, for a burglar to steal, or to dump at a gun show. The discarded toy will make a perfect gift for a deranged teen to ruin multiple lives, including his own.

And while we're at it, we can all celebrate with the five Supreme Court justices who decided to kill their fellow Americans by misinterpreting the Second Amendment to make firearm carelessness a constitutional right.

Seems like you're blaming every gun owner in the country. Last week there were at least 2 stabbings in the City. I fail to see why no one blames every knife owner, or kitchen cook. I think the one that is misinterpreting the 2nd amendment is you. Just read in another page where a man was killed inside a WalMart Sporting Dept with a baseball bat. Does that mean no young boy can have a baseball bat for his little league team? Point being, anything can be a dangerous weapon.

You said it right; Guns dont kill people; people kill people. If these young adults had parental supervision, guidance and direction they would not be talking slang and dressed more approapriately instead of the HIP HOP Gangster culture they decide to walk and live in. You need to realize its their culture and a new gerneration of violence it brings to us all. Don't blame the Constitution. We are also beside Juarez Mexico; El Paso's Sister City Murder Capital of the World if you Remember!

Why don't we all just make automobiles illegal too, it's pretty clear that having one in your driveway is just "asking for trouble" someone's bound to borrow the keys, steal it, or maybe just take his own vehicle, get drunk and run over someone, and then leave the scene. Yeah, Americans who own guns all misinterpreted the Second Amendment. Go on, turn your vehicle in to authorities before it's too late and someone steals it, drives off and kills someone.

Dork, what makes you think you know more about the law and the rights of people than five Supreme Court justices? We all have rights even though you might not like some of them. The right to have a firearm is one of them. Remember it is not guns that kill people it is the idiots who use them.

people kill, not guns. while were at it, lets ban knives because they can be used to kill as well.

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