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Monday, September 22, 2014 - 5:50am

Survivor in 1993 shooting: Find the real murderers


POSTED: Thursday, December 19, 2013 - 7:59pm

UPDATED: Thursday, December 19, 2013 - 8:48pm

Jesse Hernandez shows support for Daniel Villegas, El Pasoan accused of double shooting murder in 1993

An accused murderer may be a free man on Friday. Daniel Villegas has been granted clearance for a re-trial by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and as his lawyer and even one of the victim's from the shooting explains, he should have been found innocent 20 years ago.

"That's all I remember and after that gun shots. You know, just tatata,” Jesse Hernandez, a survivor from the Northeast El Paso shooting that claimed the lives of two teenage boys in 1993 explained. As he recounts the night his friends Armando "Mando" Lazo and Robert England were gunned down on Electric Way (now known as Girl Scout Way), his eyes well up with tears and his heart heavy with regret. "I wish we didn't do that. I wish we would have stayed there because I'm pretty sure my friends would still be here today."

In 1993, Hernandez was a teenager. Walking home with his friends ‘Mando’, ‘Bobby’, and Juan Medina when gunshots erupted from a car speeding by. "I left running. That's all I remember just running and as fast as I could." Running may have saved his life, as well as Juan's but Mando and Bobby were dead...

Villegas has been in prison for twenty years, for a crime many say he did not commit, including Hernandez. "I'm still living with my nightmares. I'm willing to relive it again if it means I'm doing the right thing."

Reliving his time with the detective who questioned him and even accused him of the murder. "He tells me, you know what, Let's just cut the bs. Let's just cut it right here. You know and I know that you did it." Hernandez says his mother stepped in and stopped the interrogation and that's one of the reasons why he believes Villegas is innocent.

Daniel Villegas's attorney says all the evidence is pointing away from his client. "There's overwhelming evidence there's another perpetrator involved in this case,” Joe Spencer said.

As for Hernandez, he says he is happy Villegas may be a free man soon. "Try to find the real murderers because it's not right that someone is living their life, you know, while Daniel's in prison."

And that his mother spoke up against the detective who tried to pin the murder on him.

"If I wouldn't have said anything to my mom and he kept pushing maybe that'd be me in Daniel's place."

Villegas's bond hearing is set for Friday at 10 am. His supporters plan to rally at 9 am.


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